What To Wear With Leather Pants For A Night Out?

Leather pants are one of those luxurious items that you can add to your wardrobe, that will make you look your very best. You can add all sorts of things to these pants to make them dressier, and you can even make them appear casual, for a day out shopping with the girls or an early evening night out where you go home before midnight! It all depends what you wear with them; so read on for how to make the very most of your wardrobe – and what to wear with leather pants for a night out.

Why wear leather pants?

Any leather item of clothing oozes quality and class. We’ve already talked about leather skirt, but the same applies to pants. Made from high quality materials, leather pants will always add an air of sophistication to your dress.

Leather trousers may seem a step too far if you are not a confident person, but you will find that stepping out in this type of attire will do wonders for your self esteem!

Leather is nice to wear, comfortable and flattering, and you can do just about anything with it. Dress it up or down for nights out or days in the office – leather pants can be your new best friends!

Leather pants lend themselves especially well to nights out; they can be dressed up with sharp tailored shirts, or worn with a more racy top for those long nights out where you really let your hair down.

What to wear with leather pants for a night out?

A. Tops

Roman Originals Women Faux PU Leather Trouser - Ladies Pull On Sexy Shiny Mat Wet Look Latex Imitation Stretch Tight Slimming Jeans Legging Pant Jegging - Black - Size 14 Because leather pants are generally quite figure hugging, a loose top goes particularly well.

Obviously the colour of top you go for depends on the colour of your pants – remember to colour match so that you don’t end up clashing. Leather pants can quite happily break the colour rules however, so you can wear black pants with a black top, for example, and still look stunning.

For a night out in leather pants you can go for an extra feminine top, like a chiffon, lace or floral blouse, to show off the pants to their best advantage.

A vest top or a crop top will also be perfect for a night out; go for floral tones, or alternatively a really brightly coloured top if your leather pants are of a muted shade.

For the colder winter months, you can top off your night out look with a jacket (leather maybe?), either short or long, and scarf that will bring a little colour and texture to your outfit.

Add a little bit of girly lace, to add to the feminine look, and you’re well on the way to the best night of your life!

B. Shoes

Vero Moda Women's Vmseven Nw S.Slim Smooth Coated Pants Slim, Black (Black Detail:Coated), 38 /L30 (Size: Medium) Leather pants lend themselves to just about any pair of shoes you could possibly imagine.

If your shoes are very obviously leather, this can detract from the look of the leather pants – go for suede shoes, or strappy sandals in a material that isn’t leather, to accentuate the look of your pants even more.

Ankle boots are leather pants’ best friends, as these are casual enough that you look like you haven’t tried too hard, yet sexy enough to add a real edge to your outfit.

Strappy kitten heels will give you a feminine look, while tall stilettos will add some real chic.

You can, if you are tall enough, wear trainers with your leather pants for a night out and you will still look amazing – with the added bonus of being able to dance all night without getting sore feet!

C. Accessories

Leather pants lend themselves to just about any type of accessory. From jackets and coats, to bags and jewellery – you can pretty much have free rein when you are wearing leather pants.

You can even wear a leather jacket with leather pants – generally it is not advised to have a jacket made of the same material as your trousers, but leather is a forgiving fabric and you can double it up with no qualms.

Bold, statement jewellery goes very well with leather pants, as they are a statement piece in their own right, so you can take them one step further and add some accessories with a real personality to add a bit of pizazz to your look.

Bags should be either a really bright, sparkly effect, or a toned down look as a contrast to the trousers.

Final words

Leather pants are a great item of clothing to wear on a night out; they are light enough for the summer months, but they will also keep you toasty warm in the winter. They are incredibly comfortable to wear, and they lend themselves very well to just about any sort of top or shoes that you want to pair them with.

Leather pants on a night out can be classy as well as sexy, and they will show off your figure to its best advantage.

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