What To Wear With Pink Trousers?

Pink trousers can be the Marmite of the fashion world – you either love them or you hate them! However, pink trousers can be super fun and fashionable, and they can make you feel really good as you step out in style.

You may be wondering what to wear with pink trousers – and we have compiled a list of all the items that work with this wardrobe staple.

What To Wear With Pink Trousers

what to wear with pink trousers

You can, of course, wear absolutely anything you want with your pink trousers – but remember that some things will look better than others. It is not recommended to wear bright orange with neon pink trousers, for example!

The classic look is a white blouse – this offsets the pink perfectly, and provides a lovely contrast with the muted colour against the bright one. Pair this with a jacket in a different shade of pink and you might as well be on the catwalk!

Speaking of classics, pairing any neutral colour with your pink pants is always a good idea – we’re thinking black, white, beige or even a lighter pink. This allows the trousers to speak for themselves without being overshadowed.

Depending on the type of trouser you are wearing, you can go for different types of things to wear with them.

Types Of Trouser

Amazon Essentials Women's Everyday Fitness Yoga Trousers, Hot Pink, M There are as many different types of pink trouser as there are trousers in the world. You can get them in any style – from Capri pants to flares to skinny jeans, and just about everything in between!

And, unlike some wardrobe items, pink trousers are not just for girls – men can rock this look too. Remember that in the old days, pink was considered the boys’ colour, not blue! How times change.

It is always a good idea to select the style of your trousers based on your body shape and what you feel comfortable in. It’s no good buying skinny leather pants if you get overheated easily and don’t like tight clothes!


Always work out what style your trousers are, before you decide what sort of top to wear with them. Also, it’s a good idea to shape your outfit to your activities – chances are work won’t appreciate you turning up in pink hot pants and a boob tube!

As we have said, neutral colours work very well with pink trousers. Pairing bright and muted colours makes a great contrast in your outfit, and can draw attention away from problem areas, because people are focussing on the clothes.

You can, of course, pair your pink trousers with some really vibrant colours up top – this is a bold move and will be sure to make your night out go with a brightly coloured bang.

Don’t feel like you can’t pair pink and pink. This is actually a great look, which oozes femininity and will make you look (and feel) like the goddess you are. You can go for the same shade or a contrasting pink – it’s totally up to you!

Because your pink trousers will likely be plain, you can jazz up your top half with printed fabrics, patterns and even graphic t shirts. Contrast is the name of the game with these fantastic coloured trousers.


GRACE KARIN Women's Elegant Smooth High Waist Cropped Pants Tapered Trousers with Belt Light Pink Bow L When we say that you can wear any jacket with your pink trousers, we really do mean it. Seriously, anything goes! From the short jacket to the  trench coat, pink trousers really are pretty forgiving.

You can go for a black or brown leather jacket for that seriously classy, elegant look that suits any style of trousers. Pair these with a pair of high heels and you’re sorted for a power day at work!

Denim jackets work with pink trousers too; it adds a little more of a casual feel which can really help you to feel cute as well as stylish.

A long, sweeping camel coat will give a really classy air to your pink trousers; you can wear this with some serious ankle boots and step out feeling like a million dollars. This look is perfect for a night out or a day’s shopping – it’s up to you!


The types of shoes you wear will depend on what type your pink trousers actually are. Are they long, slouchy and flared? Skinny and tight? Ankle grazing Capris? Choose your shoes depending on what you are getting up to in your pink trousers.

If you want to tone down the femininity a bit, go for a pair of heavy boots with your pants. We’re thinking work boots, Doc Martens, steel toe caps – this is a great mixture of femininity and “don’t mess with me!”

Kitten heels are a great friend of pink trousers, whatever the style. They are cute and girly, and will add a lovely soft edge to your trousers – plus making you a bit taller into the bargain! Win win.

If you are stepping out in style in the warmer weather, go for some sandals – these look great with all types of pink trousers, and they will help keep you cool and summery too.

If you fancy the casual look, go for a pair of trainers – it would be best if these were white, for the contrast, but seriously any type of trainers will look great with these trousers and will offset the smart look.


Pink trousers are so forgiving that you can wear any type of accessory. No, we really mean it – anything goes!

You can dress it up with lots of slinky silver or gold jewellery, to give your look one of a timeless classic. If you’re feeling playful, why not go for some cute, cartoony style earrings?

Pink trousers almost always lend themselves to hats – from a slouchy beanie to a tweed number, there is just something about pink trousers and hats that go together. Dig out your favourite today, and step out there with confidence!

Final Words

Now that you have some great tips on what will look good with your pink trousers, you can step out in style knowing that you are living your best life and looking your best too.

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