What To Wear With Sequin Trousers?

Sequin trousers are one of those really punchy statement pieces of clothing – when you put them on, you are definitely going OUT out! The bling and dazzle of  the sequins will give you a real feeling of excitement. Even if you are not the most confident person in the world, with sequin trousers on you can pretend that you are! Whether it’s a night out at your local pub, a glamorous work do, or a party with friends, get your sequin trousers on and wear them with pride.

Why Wear Sequin Trousers?

YILEEGOO Women Y2K Glitter Outfits Suit Long Sleeve Button Down Sequin Shirt Top Sparkly Casual Pants Bling Bra Party Clubwear Clothes Set (Sequin Pants Rose Red, M) Why wear sequin trousers? The question should really be, why would you not? They are fun, eye catching and will really make you stand out in the crowd!

If you want to go on a night out and get the maximum amount of attention for your outfit, definitely go for sequin trousers.

There is a huge range of styles and colours out there, so you can choose the style that you love the most, and step out knowing you look your absolute best.

Sequin trousers can be worn to just about any event, with anyone, anywhere. They don’t have to be all the colours of the rainbow – neutral coloured sequin trousers are just as eye catching as their more bold counterparts.

As long as you know the best things to wear with them, so your outfit will have the maximum impact, you can dance up a storm in your jazzy bottoms! Or, take the boardroom by storm – or simply enjoy a casual lunch with the girls.


Miolasay Women Sequins Wide Leg PantsShiny Loose Casual Elastic High Waist Sparkle Flared Trousers for Clubwear Streetwear (A-Black, M) As you may have guessed, with a high-impact item like a pair of sequin trousers, you will want to keep the rest of the clothing relatively neutral, for a nice contrast.

You can wear them with a classic white blouse, for example, to give your look a classy edge. Or, take the casual levels down a little by pairing your pants with a graphic t-shirt. Depending on the colour of your sequin trousers, you can go for a monochromatic look, for a bit of stand-out flair. If you fancy mixing it up a bit, go for different textures on your top half, for contrast with the shiny sequin bottoms – a fluffy jumper, anyone? Velvet, silk or satin also pair wonderfully with the shine of the sequins. It’s probably best to avoid wearing a sequinned top with your sequin trousers, and try to steer clear of anything with too much fussy embroidery, as this will make your outfit look a little messy.


Whatever you wear on your top half, balancing out your sequin trousers with a blazer is always a good idea. This not only helps to keep you warm, but adds another layer of interest to your outfit – plus it brings an air of sophistication to your sparkly trousers! You can also go for a neutral coloured coat, which will tone down the intensity of the sequins. A leather jacket is always a great bet, whatever you’re wearing, and it goes with sequin pants just as well as it does everything else. If you want to look a little more casual, a denim jacket is a great bet – it goes with just about everything, and it’ll look great slung over your shoulders as you rock those sequinned beauties! Faux fur (we would never recommend the real thing) is a great pairing with your sequin trousers – the difference in textures adds some real interest to your outfit.


GORGLITTER Women's Mesh Sheer High Waisted Glitter Pants Party Flare Leg Long Pants Black M The type of shoe you wear with your sequin trousers depends entirely on what sort of occasion you are wearing them for – is it a sophisticated evening do? A work meeting? A night out with friends? You should probably dig out the heels if it is a glamorous occasion – stilettos or strappy sandals are great, especially if your trousers finish around ankle height. Heels have the added bonus of making your legs look longer so there is even more of your sequin trousers to admire! For more casual times, you can pair your sequin trousers with ankle boots or even trainers. This is a great option, because you know you’ll be comfy as well as looking amazing! It is definitely a good idea to go for a neutral coloured shoe, to ensure that the eye is focused on the gleam of the sequins, and not distracted by a blingy shoe! Knee high boots should probably be avoided, as they come so far up your leg that they will hide the beauty of your sequin trousers. Other than that, just about anything goes.


Again, the accessories you choose are generally based on what sort of occasion you are going for. This being said, you are already wearing some pretty eye catching trousers, so why not go with eye catching accessories too? We’re thinking dangly earrings, which will catch the light and bring out the sparkle of your trousers. A long necklace or two is also great, especially if they are long enough to almost reach the top of the trousers. Bangles and bracelets are another great option; they can provide another place for the eye to be drawn. Alternatively, you can keep your accessories minimalistic so as not to detract from the trousers’ glory – think small and discreet. Stud earrings are pretty enough to offset the sequins without overshadowing them. If you’re taking a bag (and let’s face it, when do we ever not need a bag?) then go for a clutch bag or a small purse. These should be in neutral colours, to avoid overwhelming your outfit.

Final Words

If this is your first time venturing out in sequin trousers, congratulations! You will never look back, we promise. Wearing these beauties will give your entire mood a welcome lift, and it will also help you to feel your most confident and beautiful best. Get out there and strut your stuff – just remember to follow our style guides, so you look as fabulous as you are bound to feel!

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