What To Wear With Black Ripped Jeans?

You may think that black ripped jeans are only for teenagers going about town, up to no good. You would be very wrong in thinking that, however! Black ripped jeans are a great wardrobe staple, for any age and for any body type. They can be dressed up or down, meaning that they are great to wear for just about any occasion, and you will be surprised to experience how comfortable they are too.

Why wear black ripped jeans?

Jeans are one of those staples that just about all of us have in our cupboards somewhere. But forget the shades of blue denim for a moment – black jeans are completely versatile and will go with absolutely any other colour, unlike some blues which need to be carefully matched.

Black ripped jeans are a whole new level; they are comfortable, fun, and incredibly easy to dress up or down depending on what type of event you want to wear them to.

A night out? Perfect. A day with your besties, having lunch and trawling the shops? No problem. A family brunch? Throw them on! Black ripped jeans may not be suitable for the office (try a pencil skirt instead), but in just about every other situation they are totally perfect.

What to wear with black ripped jeans

A. Tops

Womens Ripped High Waist Jeans Ladies High Rise Black Denims Distressed Jeans UK Sizes 6-14 (8, Black (547)) The first thing to remember is that you should never pair your black ripped jeans with any other distressed items. Keep your tops clean and smooth, to accentuate the effect of the jeans.

A simple turtle neck and a leather jacket will give a really polished look to your outfit, and can take the jeans to a whole new level.

To give your edgy ripped jeans a feminine look, go for a ruffled or sheer blouse – both these will tone down the jeans and make the whole outfit a little more girly.

A simple t shirt can give your black ripped jeans the edge that they need, whether this is a plain coloured t shirt or a statement shirt with a motif – tuck the front into the waistband for a cool, casual look.

If you are stepping out in high waisted jeans, why not try a crop top?

If it is a loose fitting one, worn with tight jeans, this can add a real edge to your look.

A plain vest top is great for the summer, and this look will be cool and fresh. For the colder months go for an oversized, chunky wool knit for a cute, cosy effect.

B. Shoes

Yidarton Women’s Slim Fit Skinny Denim Ripped Jeans Stretchy Boyfriend Jeans Pants Trousers Mid Waisted Stylish Black ripped jeans are generally quite skinny at the ankle, so it makes sense to have some shoes that show off the ankle and lower leg.

Strappy heels are the best thing to show off a pair of black ripped jeans to their best advantage, especially if those jeans are skinny or cropped.

You can add a real edge to your black ripped jeans by pairing them with some big, heavy boots – think Doc Martens or some other chunky footwear.

You can tone down the look to make it more casual by wearing the jeans with trainers, or make them feminine and pretty by wearing them with some cute sandals.

Strappy heels and sandals look amazing with the skinnier black ripped jeans, and can make them look very feminine – plus you have the advantage of being able to go with very brightly coloured shoes, as the black of the jeans goes with anything.

Tall knee length boots also look amazing with black ripped jeans, and again they can be absolutely any colour you choose. This look is especially good with skinny jeans as they are a great contrast to the tightness of the jeans and can balance out a bigger-on-top silhouette.

C. Accessories

Because of the muted colour of the jeans, you can afford to go all out with your accessories. Think bold, statement pieces in bright and eye catching colours.

Your bag can be as bright as you like, as can your jewellery. Long, sparkly necklaces look fabulous with black ripped jeans, as do jewelled earrings and a wrist full of jingly bracelets.

A pair of stylish sunglasses and a scarf to add a splash of colour are great accessories for this type of trouser too, and will give you the film star look.

If you carry a bag, try to make sure it is a plain effect, and not distressed in any way, as this will complement the look of the jeans.

Final words

Black ripped jeans are a great addition to your clothing drawer, similarly to culottes. They can be  for casual events, or dressed up sharply, depending on your mood or occasions. They are comfortable to wear, as is just about any item of denim, and you will find that they are very versatile too.

Whether you want to know what to wear with black ripped jeans for a night out on the town; for a trip to the cinema, or for a family do, these great jeans will rise to whatever occasion.

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