How To Wear A Scarf With A Dress?

As the weather gets warmer, our thoughts turn to our summer wardrobes, and we jump with joy because we are finally able to wear dresses and ditch the Wellies! But, if you want to look stylish and still be warm, have a read of how to wear a scarf with a dress!

This is a really cute look; the dress can be any type from long to short, and you can accessorise it with your favourite scarf to make sure you stay warm AND look good at the same time.

How To Wear A Scarf With A Dress

4 Pack Chiffon Scarf, Fashion Sheer Scarfs Lightweight Neck Scarf Shawl Wrap Scarves for Women Girls Ladies Wearing a scarf with a dress should be taught in schools – it’s just about the best way to accessorise both your scarf and your dress! You can go with just about any style of scarf, and any style of dress for this look – it’s all about you and how comfortable (and gorgeous) you feel!

You can either just casually sling it around your neck, or you can go for some elaborately tied scarf that shows off the gorgeousness of the scarf as well as the dress.

What about making it sit in different shapes around yourself? You can tie it in different ways to make different shapes, and go for different materials to add a little contrast and interest to your outfit.

If your dress is plain, why not jazz it up by adding a really funky patterned scarf to give a little more interest to the dress? Or, if the dress is bold and bright, try a neutral scarf to offset it.

You can even use your scarf as a kind of coat – let it drape over your arms and it can be the final layer to your outfit – this is a great look, and pretty practical for the colder winter months when you don’t want to cover your dress with a coat.

If you don’t want to wear the scarf around your neck, this is also an option! You can use it as a belt, as a funky hair tie, as a strap for your bag – just about anything you like!

Types Of Dress

HAMOOM 5PCS World Book Girl Costume 50s Fancy Dress Retro Accessories Set 50's Women Costume Accessories Kit Polka Dot Bandana Tie Headband Earrings Scarf Cat Eye Glasses Gloves If you are a long maxi dress kind of person, you might want to add to the length and glamour of your dress with a long, flowing scarf. Or, you could add a little contrast by tying a skinny scarf around to accentuate the length of your dress.

If you feel like stepping out in a skimpy mini dress, why not go for a chunky, thick scarf, to offset the small dress? It could be longer than the dress, for a bit of extra interest. Or, go for small and skimpy on both counts!

A mid length dress can be added to by any type of scarf – for the colder weather go for a comfy knitted scarf, and for the warmer weather you can try a floaty silky scarf.

If you are going out in a patterned dress, you should definitely go for a plain coloured scarf that doesn’t take away from the brightness of your dress. Conversely, if your dress is muted then go for a brightly coloured scarf to give the whole outfit a bit more oomph.

Types Of Scarf

There are just about as many different types of scarf as there are different dresses, seriously! You can get skinny little ones, large chunky winter ones, cosy cuddly pashmina types – just about any type of scarf you could imagine can be paired with a dress to make both look amazing.

With a shorter dress, a longer scarf is ideal – it makes a great contrast in length and style to mix up the lengths, textures and fabrics.

If your dress is brightly coloured or exotically printed, you’d be best of with a plain or neutral scarf. This will offset your dress without stealing its thunder.

When you’re stepping out in a figure hugging number, why not try a pashmina style scarf? This is a really elegant look, a timeless classic – and it has the added bonus of being able to keep you a bit warmer too!


A jacket over your dress is always a good idea, especially in the colder months. It also, somehow, seems to pull the whole dress and scarf thing together – it’s the perfect finishing touch.

You should pick your jacket based on your dress and scarf – if it’s a short dress then it tends to look great with a longer jacket, and vice versa.

Try to choose the colours wisely – the jacket should be the finishing touches, not trying to steal the whole show, in this instance.

Finally, try to make sure your scarf sits just over the collar of the jacket – this will show off the scarf and prevent it being swallowed up by the jacket.


Now, because technically your scarf is already accessorising you, you don’t want to go too overboard on the other accessories. Oh, who am I kidding – you can add anything to this look and it’ll still be great!

Dangly earrings are always a lovely thing to wear, no matter what else you’re wearing – just make sure they don’t get caught in your scarf or you can end up with sore earlobes (yes, I speak from experience!)

If you like jewellery, bracelets and necklaces are always great. Bracelets will be far more noticeable with this outfit as your neck area will likely be covered by the scarf – so maybe save your best necklaces for another outfit.

You can carry any kind of bag you like with this outfit – just remember to keep it fitting in with the dress and the scarf. It’s no good having a brightly coloured dress, scarf AND bag – the eye needs a little bit of a break from all the colours!

Final  Words

Now that you’ve got a handle on how to wear a scarf with a dress, you can step out in style – and be warm, comfortable in your skin and (obviously) totally beautiful at the same time!

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