How To Wear A Crop Top With Belly Fat?

This article needs to be started with the words: whatever your body shape, however much belly you have, you are free to wear what you want. Seriously, don’t let different types or placements of fat stop you from doing anything! We are all different, we all have different bodies, and we can all wear whatever we want, whenever we want.

That being said, if you want to wear a crop top but you are uncomfortable with your belly and want to try to tone it down a bit, we have some tips for that too.

What Is A Crop Top?

Sunfanrtnn Women´s Crisscross Halter Tank Tops Ruched Crop Sleeveless Front Wrap Backless Cami Crop Top Y2K Bustier Corset (Black, M) A cropped top is a top that is cropped!

They are usually sleeveless or short sleeved, and are designed to finish high enough that the wearer’s stomach is exposed.

You can wear them with long flowy skirts for a contrast, or with skimpy shorts if it’s a hot day and you want to be as cool as possible.

Crop tops with just about style of jeans is also a great look.

Crop tops are not just for the young and skinny among us; literally anyone can wear one.

They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making them a great wardrobe staple for just about any situation!

So how to wear a crop top if you have belly fat?

How To Wear A Crop Top With Belly Fat

Remember, first of all, that you can wear anything, absolutely ANYTHING, even if you have belly fat that you are not happy about. Chances are you are more worried about it than anyone else!

Now we’ve got that out of the way, and hopefully boosted your confidence, let’s look at the best ways to wear a crop top with belly fat:

  • Try a baggy crop top. Not all crops have to be tight and form fitting! You can find oversized baggy ones, that will hide your love handles and make your torso look smaller.
  • Go for high waisted trousers. The higher the top of the trouser, the more of your midriff will be covered.
  • Wear a vest under the crop top. The longer vest covering your tunny will still allow the beauty of the crop top, without exposing too much skin.
  • Throw a jacket over the top. As long as it’s not a roasting hot day, a long jacket slung over the top of your crop top will add the illusion of length, and draw the eye away from your midsection.
  • Try an asymmetrical top. An off the shoulder crop top will make the overall effect less focussed on your tum, and draw the eye to your shoulders instead.


High waisted trousers will hide any excess belly that you are not happy showing. Go for prints that will also draw the eye to your bottom half rather than the midsection.

A long, floaty skirt will also help to change the effect of the tight crop top; and it has the added bonus of being super comfortable for you! If this skirt is high waisted then so much the better.

They’re not “bottoms” as such, but dungarees are another great choice to go with your crop top. You will be bang on trend, as well as super comfy and looking amazing!

Similar to the floaty skirt, wide trousers are another great option. They will perfectly set off the figure hugging effect of the crop top, and they are lovely and comfortable too, especially on a hot day.

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Your choice of shoes will, obviously, depend on your choice of bottom half clothes. However, remember that heels will give you the illusion of height and slenderness!

You can also go for chunky wedges, which have casual vibe but also make you look taller. Strappy summer sandals are also a great pairing with crop tops, especially in the warm summer months.


Rouyamiao Women Y2k Sexy Lace V-Neck Camisole Strap Crop Top Tank Top Undershirt Summer Camis Streetwear (Black White, S) When you are wearing a crop top, whether or not you have belly fat, your jacket should be longer than the top.

We’re thinking hip length or even longer – this is not only a good contrast with the shortness of the top, but it will also distract from your tummy.

This being said, if you have gone for a layered look with your crop top by having a vest underneath, you can be bolder with your jacket.

A denim jacket is always a great bet – it can make your crop top outfit look more casual, while also making it appear classy and timeless.

Leather jackets are another good option to wear with a crop top – this type of jacket can take the look from college babe to sexy woman in one fell swoop!

A long camel jacket can also work really well with a crop top. An ankle skimming jacket is a really good pairing with a shorter item of clothing such as a crop top, as the contrast between lengths will draw the eye.


When pairing your crop top with accessories, look for things that break up the outline. For example, super long necklaces can bring attention away from your midsection, so if you are trying to avoid navel gazing then this can be a good option.

On the other hand, a statement choker can also draw the eye up, so you can wear your crop top safe in the knowledge that eyes will be on your throat rather than your middle.

Jangly bangles are another great accessory which will go with your look and also distract attention from your tummy areas. Wave your arms about for extra attention and noise! Long, dangly earrings have the same effect- and can also make you feel like a queen (as long as you can ignore the earlobe pain!

Final Words

Remember what we said earlier? You can wear whatever you want, however you want. Don’t let a bit of extra chub stop you from doing anything – remember in the old days, the ideal body shape was the size of a large whale!

We hope that you are now feeling a little more confident with the ideas of how you can wear your crop top with just about anything – including your attitude. Go get ‘em, gorgeous!

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