What To Wear With A Yellow Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket has always been known as one of those iconic pieces of clothing that is cool, stylish and can be worn with anything. But how about a yellow one?

Yellow is one of those funny colours, isn’t it? We were always told to stay away from yellow, unless you had a very specific skin type and colouring, for fear of looking sallow and “washed out”.

Well, now there is good news for us those sunshine lovers: yellow is very much back (if it ever went away!) There are a great many shades of this infamous colour – from lemon to mustard and everything in between.

This means that you can select a shade that suits you the very best and wear it with pride and confidence, knowing you look your absolute best.

The yellow leather jacket is an incredibly bold statement piece, and it can be worn so many ways! (Obviously just on its own is out, unless you really want to be arrested, but just about anything else goes.)

What To Wear With A Yellow Leather Jacket

If you are Uma Thurman, the best thing to wear with a yellow leather jacket is yellow leather trousers, of course, but for the rest of us, let’s have a look at some of the best solutions to what to wear with a yellow leather jacket.

1. Jeans

Ah, the ubiquitous denim trousers that are a must in any wardrobe as they’re just so versatile. Pairing a yellow leather jacket with jeans gives a stylish yet casual street outfit. You can go for just about any style of jeans that you like; from flared to skinny to ripped boyfriend jeans.

2. Shift dress

For a simple, feminine look, go for a plain black dress and some strappy heels. This, paired with your cheerful yellow jacket, is a beautiful look that is equally suitable for a day out with the girls, or to wear in the office.

3. White button up shirt

The white contrasting against the yellow really makes the bright colour of your jacket pop out. You can team this look with some skinny jeans and white or black pointed toe shoes to complete your look.

4. Striped vest and “mom” jeans

A black and white striped vest screams style. When paired with high waisted jeans and the yellow jacket, you will be the most eye catching person walking down the street! Go for trainers, preferably white, to keep this look cool and casual.

5. High waisted skirt

For a youthful look, team your yellow leather jacket up with a black top, and a high waisted skater skirt which will make your legs look miles long. Finish off with a pair of tall boots and you’re away!

6. Tribal prints

For a bit of added boho to your look, go for a skirt or dress in a tribal print. Matched with the plain colour of the jacket, this outfit will really stand out and make you look and feel your best.

7. Knee length shorts

Leggings or shorts that brush the knees are a great look when paired with a yellow leather jacket. Go for a plain white blouse on top, and finish with a bulky linen scarf and black trainers – this look is effortlessly casual and chic as you like!

8. Cropped tops

Pairing a cropped top with the yellow jacket is genius. The jacket is long enough to cover the bottom of the top, but wearing it open means that a glimpse of midriff is still visible. You can wear this outfit with plaid chinos in a relaxed fit for a look that is both sexy and serious.

Final words

The yellow leather jacket is a serious fashion piece. Gone are the days when black leather was the only (yes, I’m going to say it) boring option for a statement item of clothing – the days of bright, happy yellow are here, and by the looks of it they’re here to stay!

What to wear with a yellow leather jacket has never been an easier question to answer (definitely easier than what to wear to a funeral) – you can wear it with just about anything!

The above are just a few ideas to get you going, but I’m pretty sure that you will come up with your own unique ways of wearing this eye catching fashion accessory. Team it up with legging, jeans, dresses or skirts, and add your favourite jewellery and accessories for a truly personalised and amazing look.

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