What To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans?

Many of us are rejoicing at the fact that skinny jeans seem to be on the way out! Wide leg jeans can be much more forgiving for the average body shape, and they’re super comfy as well. But what to wear with wide leg jeans? We’ve got you covered!

When you’re searching your wardrobe for inspiration about what to wear with wide leg jeans, you can find some really nice – and unexpected – options that will make you look good, as well as feeling comfortable. Read on!

What To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans

What To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are such a wardrobe staple. They are super comfy, super stylish, and they go with just about anything you care to throw at them! You can, of course, wear whatever what you want with them, but some things are better than others…

Contrasting tops are great – we’re thinking little strappy vests and halternecks, as these are a great contrast to the more relaxed look of the trousers.

You can also smarten up the jeans by adding a floaty blouse and a blazer – the contrast of all these items makes this a great look.

There are about a billion different types of shoe you can wear with wide leg jeans too – from stilettos to sandals. This is really such a versatile item of clothing. If you don’t already have them in your wardrobe, get out there and get some today!

Types Of Jeans

SANSIWU Womens Y2K Baggy High Waist Straight Wide Leg Ripped Jeans ButterflySolid Color Wide Leg Casual Streetwear Denim Pants (C-Dark Blue, Small) Wide leg jeans are exactly that – a pair of jeans that have a flare at the end of the leg. They are generally a high rise pair of jeans, which creates a flattering silhouette as they hug your body in all the right places!

They make the classic hourglass shape for the vast majority of body types, and they can be a really good look for those of us who are heavier around the bottom, as the wide leg tends to balance out the body.

You can get wide leg jeans in just about every type of denim – from the classic jeans denim, to a denim with a bit of stretch to it. You will also find them in every colour you can expect to find standard jeans in, from denim blue to white to hot pink – and everything in between!

Some wide leg jeans have that “pre distressed” look, coming with rips in the knees and fading. You’ll probably find that you love yours so much that they will get naturally distressed over time with lots of wearing!


Because these jeans tend to be fairly high, a short or midriff bearing top is ideal to pair with them – especially if you have a long jacket slung over the top of everything. Halter tops are also great, as are strappy vest tops in the summer.

You can style up your outfit by pairing your jeans with a sharp blouse – this makes this outfit ideal even for dress down days at the office, especially when paired with a blazer or smart jacket.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can go for full comfort mode and wear a big slouchy jumper – something soft like a wool fabric is an ideal contrast to the denim of the jeans.

Because the jeans can be quite tight around the top, many of us like to go for the contrast of a floaty top. This not only looks lovely, but it can hide a multitude of the sins that can be found around the hips and thighs!


A jacket is not only good at keeping you warm, it can also change your entire outfit! Go for a comfy, slouch jacket for those days when you are going casual, or dress up your jeans with a blazer when you want to look sharp.

If you are feeling brave enough for double denim, go for a denim jacket – preferably in a contrasting colour – for a bit of 90s revival!

A leather jacket is always, but always, a classy option, and it pairs really well with the casualness of the denim jeans.

Long jackets are great for hiding a multitude of sins – not that you will want to hide your beautiful wide leg jeans! A thigh or calf skimming jacket adds an air of mystery and class to your outfit.

If you are stepping out in the colder months, why not go for a quilted jacket? This will not only keep you warm, but will also be a lovely contrast in fabrics from your top to your bottom half.


Trendyol Women Plus Size High Waist Wide Leg Plus Size Jeans Dark Blue Just about any type of shoe imaginable – they are truly versatile. You can go for that biker chick look by pairing your jeans with heavy boots, to give a bit of a masculine look to your, er, look.

Kitten heels also work very well with wide leg jeans, as they give a really cute look and can bring some femininity to your outfit.

If you want to go for the casual look, wear trainers with these jeans – not only will you be super comfy, but it all also hits all the style buttons, especially if you go for some nice Converse.

Knee high boots can work well with these jeans, but remember that they will be mostly covered up by the wide leg, so maybe best to save your best boots for when you break out the dresses?

Conversely, ankle boots are a best friend of the wide leg jean – cute enough to elevate the whole outfit, and small enough that they will be visible under the jean, these are a great option whatever else you are wearing.


Wide leg jeans are seriously versatile. You can pair just about any accessory you want with them – from jewellery to bags, to hats and scarves and just about anything else. Let your inner fashion diva loose with this one!

Final Thoughts

Wide leg jeans are, thankfully, here to stay, and I for one am embracing them passionately. I hope you are too – especially now that you have some great ideas about what to wear with them!

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