What To Wear With A Leather Skirt On A Night Out?

When you’re going on a night out, one of those all nighters, you really need an awesome outfit. What’s more awesome than leather? It oozes elegance and femininity, plus it’s a great, strong material for when you want to dance around your handbag. You may be wondering what you can wear with a leather skirt – luckily they’re incredibly versatile, and can be paired with lots of different things. So, what to wear with a leather skirt on a night out? Let’s look into some options!

Why wear a leather skirt on a night out?

Leather is very comfortable to wear, being soft and supple, and allows plenty of movement. There are also a great many different styles to choose from, and just about any colour you can think of!

  1. You can go for the midi length for a classy girls’ night out, or a shorter version for when you really want to let your hair down.
  2. If you go for the longer skirt then you can get away with a slightly racier top, but if you have chosen a mini leather skirt then your top should be slightly more conservative.
  3. The colour of your leather skirt will also influence the rest of your outfit; black is definitely the easiest colour to style as it goes with so many other colours. Other colours of leather skirt are available, and will influence whatever else you wear, of course.

A. Tops

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Any top you wear with your leather skirt should be of a lighter material, to really show off the skirt.

Think floaty fabrics, lacy tops, and floral patterns. Often, a white top is the best option for a black leather skirt – simple yet stunning!

When selecting a top to go with your leather skirt, the style of the skirt must be taken into account.

A pencil skirt works best with a loose fitting top, while the looser pleated styles are perfect with a figure hugging top.

A mini skirt should be worn either with a very loose, possibly even long and baggy top; this adds a great contrast to the short skirt.

Of course, if you’re feeling very daring, you can go with a tight, figure hugging top or a crop top. The world is your oyster with your leather skirt!

  • For a girly, feminine look, go for a pleated leather skirt and a brightly coloured, form fitting top. To add an extra layer of girlishness, opt for lace and feminine colours such as pastels. Floaty tops really work with this look too, so a chiffon-type material or even silk, if you’re feeling particularly decadent.
  • If you want your night out to show off your strong side, go for a dark pencil skirt, a dark top and some big shoes – think Doc Martens or platforms. You can add a bit of softness to this outfit with a colourful scarf, or some bright jewellery.

B. Tights

If you like, and if it is warm enough, then it is perfectly acceptable to wear your leather skirt with nothing covering your legs.

If, however, you like a little more coverage, or if it is a cold night, then you can add some tights or leggings under your skirt – opt for tights in a different colour to the skirt, so that it doesn’t all blend into one colour.

You can layer up your look too, with leggings plus thick socks, for those extra cold nights out – and you’ll still look amazing.

C. Shoes

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If you’re on a night out, you want shoes that accentuate your outfit and make you feel sexy, but that are also comfortable enough that you won’t want to rip them off and hobble home barefoot!

Decorative sandals, kitten heels and other heeled shoes are great with a leather skirt, especially if the skirt is black – colourful shoes will really set it off. It’s always nice to have a bit of extra height when you’re showing your legs off!

If you’re planning to dance the night away, you will be pleased to know that you can happily pair your leather skirt with a pair of trainers and still look amazing (with the added bonus of not getting sore feet!)

For those who like the in between of comfort and style, a pair of ankle boots will really accentuate the skirt, at the same time as protecting your feet.

D. Accessories

You can, of course, wear whatever you want with your leather skirt, but remember that silver jewellery works better with leather than gold. A few glinting silver bangles; a silver chain belt, and some pretty earrings would finish off this outfit delightfully.

Final words

Unlike some other skirts, a leather skirt is a great option for a night out. It is attractive and feminine, and can be perfect for so many situations. It comes in so many different styles and colours, that just about anyone should be able to find one that suits them perfectly. You can wear one in a variety of ways, with a great many different tops, shoes and accessories – go get that skirt on, and have fun!

Any other suggestion on what to wear with a leather skirt on a night out? Please leave a comment below.

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