What To Wear With Emerald Green Dress?

If you have the right colouring, an emerald green dress can be your absolute best friend. It’s a gorgeous colour, especially for the spring – emerald green just screams new beginnings and growth!

Are you wondering what to wear with emerald green dress? Then look no further! We have made a list of everything you can wear with this lovely colour, so that you can look and feel your best.

What To Wear With Emerald Green Dress?

What To Wear With Emerald Green Dress

Types Of Dress

There are so many different types of dresses in the world. From mini dresses, pinafore dresses, to ball gowns and literally everything in between – the world of dresses is huge and diverse! Obviously, pick the type you like based on your body shape and preferences.

You can get a slinky, thigh split green number for those days when you’re feeling daring and a bit racy, or go for a simple sheath dress.

Feeling a bit medieval? Then why not go the full hog with a ruffled, boned and bodiced ball gown? A long dress like this is ideal for costume parties, weddings and proms.

You can, of course, find casual dresses in this lovely colour too – these tend to be simple fabrics like cotton or linen, and are perfect for smart casual days out or even to wear to the office.

An emerald green dress, in whatever style you like, can make you feel sexy and alluring, or professional, or relaxed. It’s totally up to you and how you want to wear it!

What you wear with your emerald green dress will completely change the outfit – you can make it suitable for work, for a night out, for a casual afternoon’s shopping – so have a look at some of our ideas.


JENJON Women Dress Velvet Elegant V Neck Long Sleeve Wrap Bodycon Ruched Maxi Party Cocktail Dresses Autumn Winter Green XL Green goes with lots of colours, but possibly one of its absolute best friends is brown. This colour really sets off the green and gives a lovely, foresty vibe to your look. A brown leather jacket and emerald green dress is such a classic combo!

Black is another colour that goes really well with emerald green; you can get a black jacket in just about any fabric you care to name, so dig out that wardrobe and get styling.

You can also pair green and green – try to go for contrasting shades though, so if your dress is light green then go for a darker green jacket, and vice versa. Too much of the same green, and you might end up blending into the forest!

Wearing a white jacket with your green dress gives a really crisp, clean look, that is bound to turn heads and get you noticed as you step out and about.

If your dress is a plain green colour, why not go for a printed jacket that will add a bit of interest and contrast? Colours, shapes, zebra print – any of these will really accentuate your gorgeous dress.

A long jacket over a short dress is a great combination; this look is perfect for a night out or a classy lunch with the girls. This look also works well for the office too!

If your dress is floor sweeping, try a shorter jacket to add contrast to the outfit – you will look elegant and smart, and you will feel warm and cosy as an added bonus.


Belle Poque Women Vintage Dress Long Sleeves Button Decoration Dress for Wedding-1-Dark Green-M As we all know, the type of shoes you wear will depend on the type of dress and the type of occasion on which you are wearing it – but we also know that shoes can make or break an outfit!

Boots are always a great option (seriously, when are boots NOT a great option?) We’re thinking soft, dark leather knee high boots – these will work no matter what type your dress is.

If your dress is long, kitten heels are a lovely option – they will peep out unobtrusively and will add an extra layer of class to your dress – and an extra inch or two for you!

For a lovely bit of contrast, why not go for heavy boots like DMs or work boots? This gives your dress that sexy grungy look that is never out of fashion! Many of us love the combination of masculine and feminine this look gives too.

While we’re talking contrast, you can even wear trainers with your emerald green dress – this is not really recommended for a wedding, but it’s great to wear trainers on a night out – it makes your outfit look funky, and your feet will be less sore at the end of the evening!


Green is such a forgiving colour that you can pretty much pair any type of accessory that will help to maximise the appeal of your dress. Silver is probably the best, but gold also works really well. You can also accessorise with leather necklaces – the list goes on!

Sweeping silver earrings are a great option for your green dress if you are out and about at a swanky function – you will look the epitome of class and elegance.

You could also go for some gold jewellery – we’re thinking necklaces and bangles – to add that little bit more interest and intrigue to your outfit.

Bags can be just about anything – brown leather is always wonderful with this particular colour. A longer bag will look better with a short dress, and you could go for a small clutch if your dress is long.

It’s also great to acessorise with scarves – these can be small and whispy, or long and snuggly – it’s up to you, and will depend on the rest of your outfit. For shorter dresses especially, a good trailing scarf can really add to the outfit.

Final Thoughts

An emerald green dress is a wardrobe staple (or it should be!) it suits just about every skin, eye and hair colour, and it is deliciously feminine and pretty. Now you have some ideas on how to wear it, step out and let your emeralds shine!

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