What Shoes To Wear With Culottes?

Culottes. Are they shorts, are they a skirt? They’re a bit of both, which makes them a really versatile piece of clothing. They go with a lot of different tops (though you do have to take care what sort of top you wear with culottes) and different shoes too. Shoes can make or break an outfit, and can take it from one level to another – but it can be hard to know what shoes to wear with culottes.

Well, it all depends on what sort of look you are going for! We have done a bit of homework, and have discovered the best shoes to wear with your culottes to make a whole different outfit out of one piece of clothing.

Why wear culottes?

Culottes began life as a way for women to wear trousers while still looking like thy were wearing skirts, so they could play tennis and ride horses without being thrown out of society for being too revealing. In these more enlightened days, however, culottes are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing.

They can be a refreshingly cool item to wear for a day out on the beach, or they can be dressed up for a casual night on the town. As long as the weather is good you can enjoy your culottes, safe in the knowledge that they will make you feel comfortable and look amazing at the same time.

What shoes to wear with culottes

A. Tops

find. Women's Trousers in Soft Jersey Culotte Cut, Blue (Navy), 12 (Manufacturer size: Medium) Culottes have a slightly wider silhouette than some other types of bottom half clothes, and as such you have to balance them out with the top half.

A close fitting, clingy top is fine if you are wearing culottes, because the tightness of the top will balance out the loose fitting lower half.

A silky, slinky top will look amazing with culottes for the same reason, because the look will be balanced out by the close fitting top and the wide bottom half.

A wide, baggy top will not work too well with culottes, as this can make you look shapeless from the top to the bottom – it’s best to add a little contrast by making the top look different to the bottom.

In warmer weather you can dress these trousers up easily, with a figure hugging vest top or a floral blouse.

If you are wearing your culottes in colder weather, go for the same type of top but add a short jacket to keep you warm – try to avoid a long flowing coat as this will detract from the flow of the culottes.

B. Shoes

Candid Styles Women Elasticated Waist Plain Wide Leg Flared 3/4 Length Culottes Shorts 8-26 Black The great thing about culottes is that they accentuate your ankles and your feet, so you can go a little overboard with your foot wear when wearing this type of trouser.

Just about anything will go with a pair of culottes; from a strappy stiletto to a casual pump, so the world of shoes is your oyster with this type of outfit.

Bear in mind that even the smallest heel will add to the impression of height, so go with a higher heel if you are trying to be taller, and the lower shoes if you are already happy with your height.

Because your feet and ankle are highlighted, a small heel will accentuate your leg length.

When wearing culottes, shoes really are the make or break item of clothing.

They stand out, rather than being an end thought after you have got the rest of your outfit ready, so make sure that you pick the shoes with the biggest wow factor to set off the rest of your culotte outfit!

Matching the colour of your shoes to your culottes is as important as it is for any other type of trouser, so bear in mind the basic rules:

  • Don’t wear brown ankle boots with black
  • Match your shoes to your handbag
  • Avoid heavy boots with culottes
  • Go for shoes that are a complementary colour to your culottes

C. Accessories

Because of the flowing, casual look of your culottes, you can get away with a more clean and structured bag to set off the relaxed look of your trousers.

A long, flowing necklace can accentuate the look of the culottes, while earrings should be small and discreet, so as not to detract from the look of the culottes.

If, however, you are unsure of the culotte trend and are a bit nervous about wearing them on a night out, you can wear your brightest, boldest accessories to distract slightly from this interesting bottom half.

Final words

Culottes are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Comfortable, flattering, and able to paired with just but anything – they will become your go to item of clothing for free and easy days at the beach, or for more formal occasions.

Shoes make the culottes, to paraphrase, so make sure you pick your most amazing pair of shoes to set off your culotte outfit. You can dress them up or down, and you will find that they give you a lot of confidence.

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