How To Wear A Pleated Skirt With Sneakers?

The pleated skirt, although it may bring back memories of school, is actually a super cool item of clothing, and one that you should definitely have in your wardrobe. You may be wondering how to wear a pleated skirt with sneakers – and you are not alone in this!

However, here we have a list of great things that you can pair with your pleated skirt and your favourite sneakers, to make you look casual yet also as though you are living your best life.

What Is A Pleated Skirt?

A pleated skirt is a normal skirt, which has gathers, or pleats, from the top of the skirt. This is designed to add fullness from the waist and hips, and can really help to allow freedom of movement.

There is very little nicer, lighter and floatier than a pleated skirt! They can come in all different lengths, like most skirts, meaning you can find the length that suits your body shape in the style that you want.

How To Wear A Pleated Skirt With Sneakers?

Hoerev Women Girls Short High Waist Pleated Skater Tennis School Skirt,M, Pink Stripes - 8 In general, a midi pleated skirt looks best with sneakers than the other types – a short one is too short and would be better with heels, while a longer one has the potential to hide your lovely trainers!

White sneakers are an ideal pairing with your pleated skirt, as white goes with just about anything – you can equally wear a pale or a dark coloured skirt with these classic beauties.

Because the pleated skirt is usually long and fairly floaty, you can get away with a figure hugging top. We’re thinking crop tops, close fitting blouses, vest tops, or small t shirts.

You can also dress up a pleated skirt and sneakers with a fitted blouse – this will make the outfit more suitable for the office, as well as for a formal night out where you just can’t say good bye to your favourite trainers!

If you fancy a more casual, cosy vibe, a slouchy top is a great option. This fits in well with the casual look of the skirt, and gives a really nice casual feeling while still looking great.

A nice jacket slung over the whole outfit will give it a whole different vibe – go for leather or denim to give the look a classy, timeless edge.


We’re not fibbing when we say that you can wear just about any sort of top with this type of skirt! For a casual, summery look, go for a short sleeved shirt, tucked into the waistband of the skirt.

If you like a more figure hugging look, try a vest top that can be worn under a jacket, or a tight long sleeved top – again, this looks great when tucked into the skirt.

If you’re feeling particularly cute, why not go for a gingham shirt? Try knotting it at the hem for the feminine cowgirl look!

A crew neck top which finishes just above the waist is another great pairing with a pleated skirt; the smooth lines of the top offset the look of the skirt.

For those hot summer days, try a crop top with your pleated skirt – the different effects of these two garments is a great contrast. If you’re going for the uber-casual look, you can wear a chunky wool knit with your pleated skirt.

This look is soft and feminine, relaxed and cosy – yet still feminine and gorgeous at the same time.


What could be a more classic look than the ubiquitous denim jacket paired with your pleated skirt and trainers? The length is perfect, and it can really pull together this feminine outfit.

Leather biker jackets are also a great pairing with this combo – the masculine look of the jacket combined with the floaty, feminine skirt is a really lovely look.

If you like long, floaty lines then go for a long jacket, either in really feminine pastel colours or brighter, more bold colours and fabrics that can offset the look of the skirt.

A faux fur jacket is a great option if you are going for this sort of look; just make sure that it is in a neutral colour – and that it definitely is fake fur!


nonotse Women Girls High Waist Pleated Skater Tennis School Short Skirt (Black, M) Depending on the occasion, you can accessorise your pleated skirt with just about anything, to give it those final touches.

Bags are always a great accessory; pick one that echoes the colour of your skirt, for best effect.

This being said, if your skirt and the rest of your outift are fairly tame, feel free to add a brightly coloured bag into the mix to jazz things up a bit!

Long necklaces slung on over your top are another great way of accentuating the relaxed, feminine vibe of your outfit.

Small, pearl jewellery such as earrings and bracelets are a perfect finishing touch for your pleated skirt with sneakers look.

Small touches of gold jewellery are also a good bet; keep it classy and understated though!

You can add chunky belts to this outfit and be safe in the knowledge that it will only serve to make the look even better. The chunkiness of the belt will perfectly offset the delicate femininity of the skirt, for an ideal pairing.

A pleated skirt and sneakers is a unique look, so why not make it even more unique with a quirky hat?

Go for a trilby, a cowboy hat, a summery shade hat – you can be sure that each and every one of them will be an asset to this outfit.

Final Words

A pleated skirt is one of “those” pieces that every wardrobe should contain – they are fun, sexy, cool, and you can dress them up or down for nights out on the town, casual days at the office, or for cosy dinner dates with friends. A great item of clothing, and one that you really should embrace!

Pairing a pleated skirt with sneakers is one of the more genius moves of the fashion industry, and one that we’re very happy to get on board with.

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