How To Wear A Fascinator With Short Hair?

Fascinators really are just that – fascinating! They are delicate, made from a variety of different fabrics and different colours, and they can really finish off a gorgeous outfit. If you have never worn one before, you may be nervous about how to pull one off – but don’t be. Also, you don’t have to have waist length tresses to look really great in a fascinator. We have some tips to show you how to wear a fascinator with short hair – anyone and everyone can look and feel their best in a fascinator.

What is a Fascinator?

FAYBOX BRIDAL Women Elegant Fascinator Hat Bridal Feather Hair Clip Accessories Cocktail Royal Ascot, M, Navy The fascinator started life as an alternative to the hat. They are a purely decorative that covers very little of the head – and they won’t protect you from the rain!

A fascinator stays on the head with the use of a band or a clip, and it actually started out life as far back as the times of Marie Antoinette, who wore ostrich feathers in her hair at court to add a little more allure to her outfit.

These days fascinators serve much the same purpose – though they are generally not made of ostrich feathers!

Fascinators are generally worn with formal clothing, so you can usually find them at weddings and Christenings.

How to wear a Fascinator with short hair?

A fascinator works just as well with short hair as it does with long. In fact, short hair can make a fascinator look even more striking, so don’t shy away from it if you have a bob or a cropped ‘do.

  1. The main thing you should watch out for is having too much of the part that the fascinator is attached to, visible. You don’t really want to look like a 9 year old girl in an Alice band!
  2. If you have seriously short hair, opt for a fascinator on a clip, then arrange hair over the top of it so it is not visible.
  3. If you’ve gone for one with a band, try to match the band colour to your hair colour for best, most discreet results.
  4. A smaller fascinator looks most striking with short hair; you don’t want it to eclipse your entire face!
  5. Fascinators in a beret shape will look the best with this type of hair, so try to find this sort of shape for best effects.

A. Dresses

Fascinator Hat Feather Mesh Net Veil Party Hat Flower Derby Hat with Clip and Hairband for Women, Mittel, A2-Floral Mesh Pink You don’t have to go for mono colour dressing and make your entire outfit one colour.

If you have a dress that is one colour, choosing your fascinator is relatively easy – just don’t go for a colour that clashes!

If you are stepping out in a multi coloured dress, just pick one colour and match your fascinator to it.

Another thing to remember is contrast. If you are wearing a big, floaty, eye catching dress, then keep the design of your fascinator slightly more muted.

For a figure hugging dress, you can balance out the effect with a fascinator that is more detailed, perhaps with some lace or feathers.

B. Skirts

Sinamay Flower Feather Headband Fascinator Wedding Headwear Ladies Race Royal Ascot Pillbox Wedding Cocktail Tea Party Derby Hat For Women (A4-Light Pink) If you are choosing a fascinator specifically for short hair, it might be on the small side. This means that you can let your skirt be long, flowing and gorgeous!

Think “summer of 69” and the hippy movement, if you are looking for inspiration.

That being said, a fascinator works just as well with a short skirt – whichever type you go for, just remember to tie in some elements of your outfit with the colour of the fascinator.

If your fascinator is lime green then maybe choose a skirt that picks out some of these colours?

Or, you could go with a skirt that echoes the design of your fascinator.

If your headgear features lace, then maybe go for a skirt that picks out the pretty patterns and so ties the whole outfit together.

C. Shoes

It is always worth trying to match your colours. If your fascinator is blue, go for shoes in a similar colour, to tie the whole outfit together. Chances are you will be wearing heels if you are stepping out in a fascinator, so choose your heel colour carefully to match your headgear.

You can, of course, wear low shoes with your fascinator, but chances are it is a formal occasion so the shoes should be classy and pretty – we’re not talking about trainers here!

D. Accessories

Again, matching your accessories’ colour to your fascinator is the best advice we can give.

A bag that picks out the colours of your fascinator and your shoes is the best option you can choose; they don’t have to totally match but picking up accents of the colours will bring the whole ensemble together and make you look the best version of yourself that you can possibly be!

Final words

Fascinators are a great addition to any formal outfit. They top off the clothes that you wear and make you look great – and you can wear a fascinator with short hair as easily as you can with long hair, and you will look just as great.

Wear your fascinator with short hair and your fancy (shift) dress and heels, and you will look as great as you can possibly do, and feel beautiful. How to wear a fascinator with short hair? You just wear it with confidence and the knowledge that you look great, that’s how!

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