What To Wear With A Fur Coat?

Although real fur is a big no no these days for animal cruelty reasons, many people still love the look and feel of fur. There are a great many imitation fur coats out there these days, that are beautiful and flattering, that can be worn with a great many other types of clothing to really finish off an outfit. But what to wear with a fur coat?

There are a lot of options out there, that can show off your clothes – and you – to their very best advantages. Read on for a bit of inspiration.

What’s great about a fur coat

A “fur” coat is a great addition to your wardrobe. They are very warm, so perfect for the winter months, and they also look super classy and decadent. You can get a fur coat in a huge variety of different colours and lengths, so you are certain to find something that suits your style and your wardrobe.

Whether you are a floor-length coat kinda gal, or if you like a short coat, a fake fur coat can help you set off your outfit and add an extra layer to your wardrobe.

Faux fur has a few other benefits besides being cruelty free – it comes in a huge variety of colours and styles, so you can find a coat that matches your style with ease!

What to wear with a fur coat

A. Dresses

Roiii Women Winter Warm Thick Faux Fur Coat Hood Parka Long Jacket Size 8-20 (20,Black) A sleek, chic shift dress looks fabulous with a fur coat. This outfit is a great way to layer up your clothing and make you look and feel great.

Depending on the colour of your fur coat, animal prints work really well.

Conversely, if your coat is coloured or patterned, you should go with a block colour dress under it, so that your outfit doesn’t look too busy.

A lace dress work really well with a fur coat – the texture of the lace is offset by the softness of the fur.

Floral dresses are great with plain coloured fur coats; the whole ensemble just screams femininity.

Of course, the favourite little black dress is always a great hit, whatever else you wear it with – a faux fur coat is no exception.

B. Skirts

As a general rule, if you are wearing a long fur coat then you should go for a shorter skirt, and if your coat is shorter or cropped then it looks best with a long skirt.

This being said, rules are made to be broken, and you can happily step out in a short skirt topped with a short jacket, or vice versa. Pleated skirts work really well with a fur coat – no one knows why, but there it is!

C. Tops

Depending on the weather, you can layer up or down with your fur coat. For the summer months try a plain t shirt or a vest top, with your coat slung over your shoulders.

A crop top looks amazing with a fur coat, and you won’t overheat.

For the cold winter days, you can snuggle up in a woolly polo neck under your coat, to keep you warm and make you look great!

For the in between weather, try a long sleeve top, in a colour that complements your coat.

To take your fur coat to the office, go for a tailored blouse under the coat, for that air of professionalism.

D. Trousers

LEXUPE Women Autumn Winter Warm Comfortable Coat Casual Fashion Jacket Faux Mink Winter Hooded New Faux Fur Jacket Thick Outerwear Jacket Gray Skinny trousers look the very best with a fur coat. If this is a long coat then so much the better!

You can add any fabric of trouser; from leather to denim and everything in between.

A shorter coat also works really well with baggy pants, especially those which sit just above the ankles.

You can use your fur coat as office wear, provided you add some tailored, formal trousers. This whole outfit oozes class and chic!

If your coat is a brightly coloured or patterned one, then you should go for some toned down trousers; while if your coat is plain then you can jazz it up with some bright trousers.

Bootcut trousers are great with a fur coat, for a little retro throwback look, or you can go all out with some vintage flares.

E. Shoes

Because a fur coat is a decadent item, you should dress it up even further with your shoes. Heels will take it to another level of elegance, and you can wear any type – from court shoes to kitten heels to ankle boots – and everything in between!

You can tone down your outfit to the realms of casual by wearing your coat with flats – think Converse or some other type of cool trainer. Doc Martens also suit a fur coat really well, and will bring an edge to your chosen outfit.

F. Accessories

Because the fur lends a feeling of decadence, you should go all out with your jewellery. We’re not talking Elizabeth Taylor all out, but you can afford to give your fur coat a bit of jazz!

We’re talking gold jewellery, fancy bangles, long dangly earrings – anything you wear with this coat will end up dripping with style.

For the winter months, you can happily add a hat to your fur coat for a cosy warm look. Because of the texture of the coat, bags should be kept smooth – leather is a great bet, in whatever colour or style you like.

Final words

A faux fur coat is a great addition to your wardrobe. A fur coat will make you look cool and classy,it will keep you warm, it will go with just about every other item in your wardrobe – and as long as it is fake, you will enjoy your new look with a clear conscience.

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