What To Wear With A Knitted Skirt?

A knitted skirt is one of the more “out there” items to have in your wardrobe; it’s unusual and needs to be dressed with care. It can be a truly lovely piece of clothing however, and can be made to look really classy and gorgeous. Perfect for the office or a day perusing an art gallery, a knitted skirt is at home in all sorts of situations, and can be flattering and beautiful. But what to wear with a knitted skirt? We’ve got some ideas for you!

Types of knitted skirt

There are a great many different types of knitted skirt. From the short and fluffy ones, to the long flowing ones, to the pencil skirts which sit somewhere in the middle.

A knitted skirt need not conjure up images of your Granny brandishing her knitting needles; knitted skirts can be sleek, flattering and sexy.

Whatever type of skirt you love the most, you will find that their knitted variations add a bit of something different to your wardrobe.

If you are the crafty type, there are a great many patterns online to teach you how to knit your own skirt; if you prefer to buy one then you will be spoilt for choice with the selection of knitted skirts out there!

What to wear with a knitted skirt

A. Tops

Abollria Womens Crew Neck Long Sleeve Bodycon Cable Twist Knitted Jumper Knitwear Sweater Dress If you are wearing a long skirt, go for a fitted top to show off your figure and give an attractive line to your silhouette.

A short sleeved sweater is a great pairing with a long knitted skirt, or you can go for a polo neck – this is great for the colder months, as well as giving your outfit a certain style.

You can pair your knitted skirt with a chunky knit jumper (Christmas jumper maybe?), but beware of having the fabrics match too much so there is no contrast between your top and bottom halves.

To add a touch of class to your knitted skirt and make it suitable for the office, a fitted blouse is a great bet – add a blazer and you will be the absolute top end of knitted skirt style!

A floaty, feminine shirt is also a great pairing with a knitted skirt, just remember to tuck in the front of the shirt to separate the top from the bottom.

A turtleneck jumper works really well with a knitted skirt, especially if the skirt is short – the contrast in styles is really eye catching.

If you want to jazz up your outfit and take it to a night out, pair your skirt with a slim vest top or halterneck – this is not only flattering but also deliciously girly.

B. Shoes

The type of shoe you go for will depend on the type of skirt that you wear. As a quick guide, here are the best things to wear with the different types of skirt.

Short knitted skirt:

  • Thigh high boots. These are an awesome addition to a short skirt, especially if you cover the whole ensemble with a long jacket.
  • Knee high boots. A great look to go with a short skirt, these also have the added bonus of keeping your legs warm!
  • Chunky flats. If you don’t want to wear heels, a platform or other thick soled boot will look good.

Midi knitted skirt:

  • Strappy heels. This look is elegant and classy, and the height of the sandals will make your legs look longer.
  • Flat sandals. Perfect for those who are already tall, or who don’t like heels – you can still enjoy the look of a knitted skirt.
  • Ankle boots. Bring a little contrast to your look, by pairing your midi knitted skirt with a pair of slouchy boots.

Maxi knitted skirt:

  • Flat pumps. For the hippy look, pair your long knitted skirt with some cute flat shoes.
  • Chunky boots. These add a little touch of masculinity to a look that can appear overly feminine.
  • Heeled boots. To add height while wearing your maxi knitted skirt, go for a pair of heeled boots – they look so cute peeping out under the hem!

Of course, this is just a guide – you can choose whatever shoes you like with your knitted skirt, but these are the things you can choose to offset your knit skirt to its best advantage.

C. Accessories

Adding a belt to your knitted skirt is great for adding a little contrast to the outfit, especially if you are pairing knit with knit. You can go with a wide belt to really break up the outfit and hide any potential tummy jiggles, or a thin belt if you just want a little something to draw the eye.

Adding a great bag to your outfit will bring the whole thing together, especially if the colour of the bag picks out the colour of the skirt.

You can dress your knitted skirt up with different types of jewellery; think long flowing items for a long skirt, and shorter, cute pieces for a shorter skirt.

Final words

Knitted skirts are not only stylish and flattering, but they have the added bonus of keeping you toasty warm! They come in a huge variety of lengths and styles, and you can wear them to a great many different occasions, making them very versatile.

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