What To Wear With A Dark Green Cardigan

Cardigans are a fantastically versatile wardrobe staple. You can wear a cardigan with trousers, a skirt, shorts, a dress – the possibilities are literally endless! It’s great to have an extra layer to throw on over a strappy top, or to jazz up a plain t shirt, or to finish off a look to perfection. Cardigans can be smartened up for a day in the office, or made into casual beach wear, depending on what you team them up with.

Dark green is a beautiful colour which goes with many other colour choices. If your colour choices tend towards the forest-y end of the scale, you may be wondering what to wear with a dark green cardigan. Read on for some inspiration!

What To Wear With A Dark Green Cardigan

1. Skinny jeans

One of the easiest and most comfortable ways to showcase your dark green cardigan is to pair it with some navy blue skinny jeans and a plain top. A good pair of high boots will complete the look and leave you looking – and feeling – your very best.

2. Leggings

Leggings are truly a girl’s best friend. Comfortable, flattering, and able to be dressed up or down at a whim. Put your dark green cardigan together with some black leggings, a nice top and some brown knee high boots and you’re onto a winner.

3. Leather trousers

This may be a controversial addition, as not everyone is comfortable with leather trousers – but trust me when I say that a pair of skinny leather pants will go perfectly with your dark green cardi! Just add a flowing white top and some flat ankle boots for the perfect look.

4. Midi dress

For casual style, opt for a floral midi dress to go with your cardigan. You will be comfortable as well as gorgeous, and if you go for a pair of ankle boots to finish off the outfit you will feel like a million dollars.

5. Shorts

For the ultimate in festival style chic, team your dark green cardigan with a pair of faded denim cut offs. (Unless you are actually at a festival, the wellies are best avoided though.) Go for a pair of brown leather ankle boots to finish off the look.

6. Midi skirt

Combining a beautiful cardigan with a mid length skirt is pure genius! The skirt length flatters your legs, while the cardigan contributes to the flowing lines, giving you a smooth silhouette. Opt for a white skirt to make the colour of your cardigan stand out, and (just as a tip) grey suede shoes complement this look beautifully.

7. Maxi dress

Wear your dark green cardigan over a long, flowing maxi dress for the ultimate in relaxed chic. Because the cardigan is one colour, you can choose any pattern to go with it and be sure that it will work as an outfit. Flat shoes work best with this look.

8. Wide leg trousers

The flowing nature of a cardigan lends itself well to a wide leg trouser – the two blend together, yet are also so beautifully separate. A well fitted top is essential if you plan to match these two items of clothing together, and some eye catching shoes are also a must.

9. Dress trousers

If you are looking to make your dark green cardigan suitable for work, combine it with a pair of smart trousers and you’re sorted for office wear. Just make sure that your shoes are also on point; black leather and smart is the way to go.

10. Matching colours

I’m not saying go out in an all in one green tracksuit – but green is one of those versatile colours that can be happily paired with other greens in the spectrum. Team your dark green cardigan with a pair of olive trousers, or a pale green skirt and you’ll soon see what I mean!

Final Words

A dark green cardigan is such a great item of clothing. It’s perfect slung over your shoulders for a trip to a bar or a garden party on a chilly evening, or dressed up with tight trousers and knee high boots for a sophisticated yet sexy look. What to wear with a dark green cardigan is very easy question to answer. You can, of course, accessorise your look with your chosen jewellery, scarves and purses, to complete your look and be totally individual.

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