Garden Party Dress Code: Can I Wear Black To A Garden Party?

The very idea of having a garden party is to keep things casual. Just a get-together of friends or colleagues who want to have a great time enjoying the peace and ambiance of the outdoors. And what could be more exciting than a group of people hanging out together in a beautiful garden setting, laughing, catching up and enjoying the gorgeous sunset?

But what kind of attire does one wear to a garden party? Is it formal, semi-formal or casual? Is there a certain colour to adhere to or to avoid? Can I wear black to a garden party? Or does it all depend on the person inviting you? What is the best garden party outfit?

Below, we have answers to your most burning questions on what to wear to a garden party.

Garden Party General Dress Code

Most garden parties are held in spring or summer, for obvious reasons. On a summer evening, you get a well-deserved break from the scorching sun and heat that you braved the entire day. And in spring, well, need we say anything at all? The vibrant flowers, the fresh air and the fragrant atmosphere can lure anyone into the outdoors.

Celebrating by hosting a garden party gives you an opportunity to enjoy all of the magnificence even better. So, it’s needless to say that the most appropriate dress code for a garden party is generally semi-casual. Pastels, white and bright colours are key. Usually, garden parties have guests wearing everything from khaki pants to floral pants and seersucker shirts.

But you are free to experiment with darker hues as well. In fact, you can play around with black colours without looking odd. Ladies, in particular, can combine black tops with brightly coloured bottoms, while men can pair brightly coloured shirts with black trousers. The great thing about black is the nice dose of formality it lends without killing the overall elegance. Black colours add a nice dose of polish and are the perfect way to seal the deal on a nice ensemble of colour.

What Women Can Wear

Pastel hues, bright colours and floral patterns work perfect for women. Wear a silk or fiery bright blouse with softly tailored pants, streamlined black shorts or a ruffled or flowing skirt with huge floral prints on it. Add a cute belt and throw in some nice colourful flats, flip flops or peep toes to enable you walk around with ease. Stay away from heels, especially if you will be walking on grass, they might sink to the soil. Finish off with a gracefully woven hat, a pair of dark sunglasses or a gorgeous floral head scarf. You can even have your nails painted with a colour matching your dress colour.

What Men Can Wear

The goal for men’s attire is lightweight, airy pieces on the more conservative side. Put on some slacks or khaki shorts, in black or navy blue, and make sure to pair with a nice belt. Throw in a short-sleeved polo, a long-sleeved Oxford with the sleeves rolled up to your elbow or a button down shirt. If there is a cold breeze outside, add a lightweight blazer or jacket and complete the look with a brown leather sandal, canvas tennis shoes, boat shoes or a lace-up wing tip. You can also add in some refined, tasteful jewellery pieces such as a gold bracelet, a chrome watch or trendy eyewear.

What Kids Can Wear

Kid’s attire should be more or less like adult attire, except that you should leave dark hues at home. If you love neutrals, however, you can try cream or white for the ultimate prince and princess looks. Girls, for instance, look adorable in soft fabrics with bright colours and prints ranging from polka dots, flowers, butterflies and carton inspired stripes. Add a white or pink buckle dress shoe and tie a coordinating ribbon in the hair with some flowers tucked nicely near the ear. Boys, on the other hand, look gorgeous in linen shorts, a button-down shirt and either brown or black oxford type shoes. A lightweight sweater is also appealing and looks precious on little boys.

In Conclusion

Whatever attire or colour you choose to wear, once you are at the party forget about your doubts and have fun. Don’t dwell too much on what you could or should have dressed in unless you want to ruin your otherwise nice evening. Enjoy yourself, chat with friends, dance, laugh and don’t forget to take lots of pictures – that’s what you are there for after all!

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