How To Wear A Pencil Skirt With A Belly?

First things first – don’t worry about that belly. You are a beautiful person, with or without that extra fat that you probably don’t want! If you want to wear a pencil skirt, wear a pencil skirt. If you don’t, don’t! If you want to know how to wear a pencil skirt with a belly and still look and feel as gorgeous as you know you are, then read on for our best tips.

What Is A Pencil Skirt?

A pencil skirt is a straight, figure hugging skirt. They come in short, knee length and slight longer, so you can choose one based on your preferences and body type. Pencil skirts are very versatile – they can be worn for smart days at the office, made into a sexy outline for a night out, and they can be a fancy outfit for a formal occasion.

This skirt is great for showing off the legs – it usually sits just above or just below the knees so it makes your legs look longer, and it shows off a nice calf and ankle without revealing too much.

These skirts, contrary to what you might think, are comfortable to wear and easy to move around in, especially those that have a slit or pleats.

How To Wear A Pencil Skirt With A Belly?

Pretty Fashion Womens Midi Pencil Skirt Ladies Plain Jersey Bodycon Tube Skirt Plus Size (16/18, Black) Remember that you can wear whatever you want, however you want, wherever you want, and it doesn’t matter if you have a body shape that has a few extra curves and jiggles.

That being said, if you want to wear a pencil skirt and not necessarily advertise the fact that you have a love handle or two, there are many things you can do while still enjoying your favourite skirt!

  • Opt for a flowing top. Wearing a top that skims the waistline of your pencil skirt will hide a great many ills – and it provides a pleasing contrast between the tightness of the skirt and the loose top.
  • Choose a high waist. Pencil skirts are generally quite high waisted anyway, so picking one that is on the higher end will be easy. A higher waist will cover up any muffin tops, giving you the confidence to step out in style.
  • Avoid details around the waist. Buttons, pockets, trim and gathering around the waist of your pencil skirt will draw attention to your midriff, which is possibly not what you are after.
  • Go for an elasticated waist. These forgiving skirts will allow you a little more breathing room, and will be very comfortable to wear.
  • Pick a skirt with a side slit. This will draw attention away from the tummy area, and create a pleasing asymmetrical look.


For a feminine look that is also great at disguising a belly, go for a lacy blouse or a sheer top, or one with ruffles or lace. This type of top will draw the eye away from your midriff area, and offers a lovely contrast to the lines of the skirt.

If you are  looking to create more of a waist, opt for a peplum top. This is a very flattering look, due to the shape of the top, and is ideal for those who want to hide a bit of a belly.

A long t shirt or even a crop top goes really well with a pencil skirt when you’re trying to hide a bigger tum – just make sure that your t shirt or crop top is not too figure hugging, so as to make the most of the tight skirt.

Tucking the shirt into the waist of the skirt will also help soften the lines of a tight skirt versus a tummy. If your top is tight, you can soften the lines with a long flowing jacket, to offset the tightness of skirt and top.


EXCHIC Women’s Pencil Skirt Bodycon Business Skirt Side Slit Hem (S, Black) If you are stepping out in your pencil skirt, your mind should instantly go to heels. High shoes make your legs look longer, and give an elegant outline.

This being said, chunky ankle boots are also a great pairing with a pencil skirt – these have the added bonus of balancing out a larger tummy.

Knee boots perform this function spectacularly too, especially if they have a bit of a heel. High heeled sandals are a perfect pairing with your pencil skirt; they make you look tall and elegant, and also deliciously feminine.

You can, if you fancy, wear trainers with your pencil skirt, but bear in mind that this is a pretty informal look, and won’t do a lot for you if you are trying to disguise a tummy.

Tall pencil heels complement a pencil skirt perfectly, as they accentuate the length and fit of the skirt.


When you are pairing a pencil skirt with a belly, a long, flowing jacket will be your best friend. The length of the jacket will move the eyes from your midriff to your ankles, detracting from any areas that you are less than happy with.

You can also pair a short jacket with your pencil skirt; go for a really short almost bolero style, attention will be focussed upwards rather than towards your middle.


When you’re dressing up your pencil skirt and want to draw attention from your tummy area, go for accessories that draw the eye. Dangly, eye catching earrings are great for this, especially if you have your hair up.

Long flowing necklaces create an elegant line, that can distract from a belly – just make sure the necklace doesn’t stop on the area you are trying to hide!

A good sparkly bag is another great option; go for a shoulder one or one that trails down below the hip, for best effect.

Final Words

A pencil skirt is a great part of your wardrobe. It is perfect for professional days at the office, as well as for more casual occasions where you still want to look smart. Hopefully, now you have some ideas on how to wear a pencil skirt with a belly, you can love your pencil skirt (and your belly!) even more than you did before.

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