What To Wear With A Black Lace Skirt?

Skirts are lovely. They can make you feel feminine and also help you look your absolute best, and depending on the style you pick they can be incredibly flattering to the figure. There are a great many different types and styles of skirt out there, from the feminine and floral, to the short and edgy, and the black lace skirt is a style to itself. So what to wear with a black lace skirt?

Types of black lace skirt

If you like a short, daring skirt then a black lace version is a great bet. The colour is flattering, and the lace will detract slightly from the length of the skirt. This adds a bit of texture to the skirt and gives it a little flair.

For a mid length black skirt, the lace will add a bit more of an interesting factor – mid length skirts can be hard to give the “wow factor” to, so having this extra bit of pizazz will really jazz up your outfit. The lengths of the lace over the skirt will also give the skirt the impression that the skirt has two lengths.

A long, flowing black skirt will look all the more fabulous if it is a lace one. This type of skirt is really more interesting than its counterparts, and the addition of the lace for added texture will flatter your figure at the same time as looking amazing.

What to wear with a black lace skirt

A. Tops

80's Costume Accessories Set, Women Black Bowknot Headband Lace Skirt Waistband (Style A) Because of the added texture of the skirt, you should keep the material of the top plain. Think of soft, smooth cottons or silky satin – anything that is smooth that won’t add too much texture to your outfit.

A crop top can work really well with a black lace skirt, especially if you are wearing a long one, while a tailored shirt will bring a touch of class to your ensemble (just remember to tuck it into the front if it is a long one!)

Because black goes with pretty much anything, you won’t have to worry too much about what colour to wear with it.

A white top with a black skirt is the classic monochrome look which never fails, but you can also go wild with your wardrobe and team your skirt with any other colour you like. You can even go all black and still look great!

For the hot summer month, pair your skirt with a strappy vest top, which will make you feel and look cool.

If you are wearing your skirt in the winter, you can layer a nice chunky knit sweater on top – preferably a v neck or a round neck to avoid being too covered up.

If you want to take your black lace skirt to work, you absolutely can – try pairing it with a fitted blazer for the ultimate in professional chic. This also works well with a button up shirt – it looks amazing, and formal enough for work attire.

You can finish off your outfit with a jacket – leather looks great (try maybe a brown leather jacket) with black lace, as does denim. These two fabrics can look a little overwhelming on their own, but paired with the femininity of the lace, they really come into their own.

B. Shoes

With a skirt like this, you really need some feminine shoes to tie the whole outfit together.

The don’t need to be towering heels, but a little strappy sandal or a pair of kitten heels will show off your lace skirt – and your legs – to their very best advantage!

That being said, towering heels really do look good with this skirt, especially if you have gone for a shorter style.

Black works well as a shoe colour, as does nude and grey – but because the skirt is black it will go with any colour.

Why not bring out your inner vamp by adding a pair of red shoes?

White is also a great friend of black, and they work very well together so break out your pale coloured shoes and have some fun!

C. Jackets

Doorwaytofashion Cotton Summer Skirt Midi Boho Hippie Crochet Lace Tiered One Size 10 12 14 16 18 (Black) If you are having a casual day out with your black lace skirt, try throwing on a faded denim jacket over the top of your outfit – this will look cute and relaxed, as well as keeping you warm and enhancing the look of the lace.

If you are going for the more formal effect, go for a tailored blazer – this can take your black lace skirt into office territory and make it perfect for more formal occasions.

Leather always looks great with lace, so break out your leather jackets – whatever colour they are – and enjoy the feeling of looking your absolute best!

D. Accessories

It is always a good idea to match your accessories when you’re wearing black, for a great effect.

Try a red bag and earrings; a blue bag and scarf, or any other colour combination that you like. Black looks great with either gold or silver, so you can let your imagination run riot when it comes to jewellery.

Final words

A black lace skirt really is the ultimate in skirts. It is pretty and girly, as well as sultry and sexy. Pick your length and style, and enjoy the feeling of confidence that sweeping about in your black lace skirt gives you!

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