What To Wear With Green Tartan Leggings?

Green tartan leggings are a bold, statement item of clothing, which can really add the wow factor to your outfit. You may feel that your options of what to wear with green tartan leggings are a bit limited, and it’s true that you do have to take care, because the colours and patterns are already quite pronounced. However, there are many things you can jazz up your green tartan leggings with, so read on for some inspiration!

Green is a great choice for tartan, as it is noticeable and timeless, but less noticeable than the bright red alternatives – and considerably easier to style!

You can dress up green tartan leggings for an impressive outfit for a night out, or wear them on a relaxed day around the house, with an oversized jumper and a pair of trainers – they will still look eye catching and vibrant.

Why wear green tartan leggings?

So In Fashion Women's Leggings Women's Leggings in Green Tartan - ML If you have not yet stepped into the world of tartan, you’re in for a great time!

Green is a bold, eye catching colour, and it’s slightly more unusual than the more traditional red.

You shouldn’t be scared of the green tartan bit – these are just leggings all ready to make you look amazing – they just happen to be a cool colour!

Green tartan leggings are becoming increasingly popular, and they are even turning up on the red carpet!

You can make them into a sleek and sophisticated outfit or, for a grungy look that’s bang on trend, pair them with a leather jacket, big boots, bright red lipstick and a lot of attitude!

What to wear with green tartan leggings

A. Tops

What top you choose will largely depend on what you are wearing your leggings for – going out? An important work meeting? This is a very versatile piece of clothing, which can be adapted for whatever sort of event you are attending.

With such a strong pattern, it is best to stick to plain coloured tops. If these pick out the colours in the tartan, then you are really onto a winner! Plain black is always a safe bet, and one that will look quietly classy.

  • You can wear your bold leggings for a smart occasion; in this case they look best paired with a white shirt and a tailored coat – a camel colour works best.
  • A big baggy jumper in a plain, pale colour will look casual yet elegant with your leggings; top this off with trainers and you are the epitome of relaxed chic.
  • You can also use the baggy styles of tops outside the home – the contrast between the tight leggings and the flowing top is a great effect. Loose fitting shirts, left untucked, look great with green tartan leggings.

B. Shoes

When you’re working such a boldly patterned item into your daily wear, it can sometimes help to pick a colour from it, and base your accessories on this. (Manolo Blahnik does some amazing coloured shoes that will pick out the greens of your leggings perfectly!)

If you don’t fancy green shoes, then a plain colour is best – black, white, or a deep brown. Just make sure the plain colour you use isn’t a bright neon!

Leggings work equally well with strappy kitten heels as they do with ankle boots, so you can get away with just about any style of shoe. (Even wellies at a festival look cute with these!)

If you’re not a fan of heels, you’ll be pleased to know that flat shoes also work perfectly with these leggings; you can add cute pumps or even your nicest trainers.

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C. Accessories

A bold pattern needs a bold companion, and gold will go perfectly with your green tartan leggings, whatever else you are wearing. A long gold necklace, a chunky bangle, some shiny earrings – the choice is yours! And again, picking out the colours from the tartan and choosing matching jewellery works really well.

When considering your bag to wear with green tartan leggings, plain is best. Ideally, it should be a leather bag, as the brown looks great with the tartan, and the bag is plain.

If you go for a coloured bag, the colour of your bag should match one of the colours from your leggings, so that they eye is drawn to your accessories (and brilliant eye for styling!) If you want to keep it low statement, a plain leather bag is always safe. Maybe just not a neon pink one!

Final words

Green tartan leggings may seem like a startling item of clothing, especially if you’re trying to work out what to wear with them. Don’t be afraid to be bold! Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the strong patterns, and have fun matching up your new wardrobe.

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