How To Wear Women’s Chinos In Winter?

Chinos, despite a bit of bad rap in the last few years, are here to stay. And aren’t we pleased about this! They are comfortable and stylish, and you can get them in just about any style and cut. They are suitable for office wear, casual gear, and nights out – so provided you have the rest of your outfit sorted you can make them fit your wardrobe perfectly. So read on if you want to learn how to wear women’s chinos in winter & more.

What are women’s chinos?

Chinos are a comfortable pair of trousers, made of lightweight material, that are generally thought of as smart casual wear. They were popularised, believe it or not, as men’s office wear – but they have branched out into women’s clothing now too.

Chinos can also be suitable for more formal occasions; nights out, and pretty much any other occasion that you can think of. You can wear them to work, days or nights out, fancy parties – any place you want to get them out is the right place!

They can be dressed up or down, according to the occasion, and you can wear them all year round – yes, even in the colder months. You can add a few extras to make your winter chinos more comfortable, or you can just wear them with a nice simple top, depending on what you like – whichever look you decide on, you can – and will – look great.

How to wear women’s chinos in winter?

Joules Hesford Womens Chino Pant UK 12 Reg French Navy Chinos are made from quite lightweight fabric, so you may not think they are the best choice for the colder months.

They can be a little chilly, and they are generally worn at warmer times of the year – however, you can make them perfect for the winter by adding a thermal layer on top, throwing on a warm jacket, or layering them up with warm underclothes.

A thermal vest under a soft woolly jumper is a good bet; just sling a jacket over the top and you’ll be warm as toast!

You can also add layers under the chinos too – think of tights, or soft figure hugging leggings.

As long as the chinos are long enough to cover the tights, or your shoes rise up high enough to cover them, this look will work really well and keep you warm at the same time.

Or, you can add some really funky, bright coloured socks as an extra thing to keep you warm, and to add some pizazz to your outfit! Think of it as a statement piece to add to your look.

A. Tops

When it’s cold outside, you’ll be thinking about layers and warm, soft fabric. A good vest or short sleeved top under a chunky cardigan will work very well with your winter chinos look.

Or, you could go with a loose fitting woolly jumper, to offset the slimness of the chinos and keep you warm at the same time.

A thick polo neck jersey will look fantastic with your chinos, because the wideness of the jersey is a great contrast to the chino material. Plus, it will offset the winter chill at the same time!

If you want to wear chinos in the winter and stay warm, while at the same time showing off your curves, you can layer up lots of different things – a halter neck under a short sleeved tee, followed by an open cardigan, topped off with a thick winter jacket. That’s your stylish yet warm look covered!

Jackets are a great bet to wear with chinos in the winter. This means you can wear whatever you like underneath, and still stay warm. You can choose any type of jacket that you like; from a long woollen trench coat to a short leather bomber.

B. Shoes

Amazon Essentials Women's Straight-Fit Stretch Twill Chino Pant, Navy-14 UK Regular If you want to dress your outfit down, then go for a pair of low shoes.

Trainers, pumps or sneakers are a great bet for your casual chino look.

This will enhance your relaxed, casual feel, at the same time as adding a level of femininity.

For a dressier look, go for some heels – you can go for towering stilettos if you are wearing something warm in the winter and you’re wearing warm things underneath!

For the best shoes for winter chino wear, go for ankle boots, knee high boots or chunky boots.

These can either sit on the outside of the trousers or you can tuck them in – it’s completely up to you.

C. Accessories

Because chinos are a fairly unobtrusive piece of clothing, you can jazz up the accessories to make your outfit more statement-y.

Add a rakish hat for a look with a bit of an edge, or a scarf in bright colours. Any type of jewellery will go well with chinos; depending on the colour of them and what tops you are wearing, you can make your accessories match.

Bags and purses can be any type of fabric or colour that you like, depending on the colour of the chinos.

Chinos are usually muted colours, so using brightly coloured accessories will make you stand out more, and it allows you to showcase some of your brighter wardrobe items.

Final words

Chinos are a great item of clothing, that can be worn to just about any event or occasion, and they can be made to look formal, casual, or interesting and edgy. However you love to wear your chinos, you don’t have to give them up in the winter!

Now you know how to wear chinos in winter, you can comfortably wear them all year round.

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