What To Wear With Wet Look Leggings?

Wet look leggings are still very big right now. Casual enough to wander around the shops in the daytime, yet jazzy enough to dress up for a slinky night on the tiles, they are a great wardrobe staple that are flattering to any body shape. You can add a huge array of different tops, shoes and accessories to change your leggings from one outfit to something completely different – they are chameleon trousers! But what to wear with wet look leggings? Read on for a few of our ideas.

Why wear wet look leggings

These great trousers are the perfect blend of cool and classy, yet comfortable. They can be slouchy and casual, or dressed up for a night out – literally any occasion can be a good excuse to get your leggings out!

They will flatter your shape, hide any unsightly parts, as well as making you feel your absolute best. They can be worn with a huge variety of other clothes, and something as simple as a different pair of shoes can change the outfit entirely.

Some people shy away from these leggings because they are so different from the standard leggings (e.g. green tartan leggings we talked about last time), but you really should give them a try, even for this very reason – you won’t regret it.

What to wear with wet look leggings?

A. Tops

FUTURO FASHION Sexy Shiny Wet Look & Mat Full Length Leggings High Waist Latex Imitation Leather Black 12 UK (L) Because the leggings are figure hugging, a long, flowy top is a great match. This will give a great contrast to the tight trousers, and avoids you accidentally showing off more than you want to!

This being said, a crop top also suits wet look leggings very well and will take them from daytime territory to night time attire.

If you want another layer, a long, loose coat will add the perfect finishing touches (maybe faux fur coat?).

If you want to smarten up your leggings, wear a blouse under a blazer – this will mean that your leggings are suitable for a smart casual office as well as for casual wear.

For the colder months, try pairing your leggings with a cosy, slouchy jumper. This will not only keep you warm, but it is an incredibly cute look!

In the same vein, a long cardigan is an excellent match for a pair of wet look leggings. It gives a nice contrast to the tight trousers, breaks up the lines, and it also means you can get away with a more figure hugging top underneath it.

To really jazz up your leggings and make them perfect for day or evening wear, why not try pairing them with a dress? This means you can go all out in glamour, at the same time as adding a new layer to your look.

A thigh length dress is the best bet – any shorter and you might as well be wearing a top, longer and your beautiful leggings will be hidden away!

Lacy, or floaty dresses are a great pairing with your wet look leggings – there is enough contrast in the fabrics to make this a truly head turning look.

B. Shoes

CROSS1946 Women's Super Shiny Sexy Faux Leather Leggings for Curvy Hips Stretchy PU High Waisted Pants with Waistband Button M Heels are wet look leggings’ best friend. The extra height will make your legs look longer and slimmer, and wearing a pair of heels will accentuate the leggings’ classier side.

You can go for spiky stilettos, chunky ankle boots or even kitten heels – wet look leggings work really well with a pair of feminine strappy heels though.

You can, of course, wear flats with your leggings and look just as cool – for a day mooching out and about, a good pair of trainers is your best bet.

Platforms, which are sneaking back into fashion by the day, also look great with this type of legging.

Flat high boots are a great match for your wet look leggings. Knee high, or even higher, these will add a great contrast to the figure hugging leggings – and you will be super comfy too! If your boots are a different material – think suede or some other matte coloured fabric – then so much the better.

C. Accessories

Wet look leggings are generally black, and black works very well with gold jewellery. Try adding a bangle or two, or a necklace, and watch your outfit transform!

Long dangly jewellery works very well with leggings or any kind; the relaxed look of the accessories is a nice contrast with the figure hugging leggings.

You can add a rakish hat to give your leggings a retro look, or go for a light scarf to give a Parisian air.

Final words

Wet look leggings are a very cool piece of clothing, that can be jazzed up or dressed down, and can be worn to a big night out just as well as a date day with the girls. They lend themselves very well to other pieces of clothing and can be worn all year round, making them incredibly versatile and a great addition to your wardrobe.

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