How To Wear Chelsea Boots With Ladies Jeans?

Chelsea boots are a great pair of boots. Classy, comfortable and stylish, and you can make them work with just about anything. Any outfit and any occasion, from casual to formal – and everything in between. If you want to know how to wear Chelsea boots with jeans, ladies, then read on!

What are Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots have a long and illustrious history. They were designed by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, who proudly announced that HRH would regularly walk around in them, a testament to his creation!

More recently, Chelsea boots have been associated with the Mod scene, and have been worn by a lot of rock stars in London, hence the name.

They are ankle boots, close fitting, with an elastic panel in the side and a loop on the back so that the boots can be easily put on and taken off. They are popular as a fashion item, as well as being perfect for walking or horse riding.

They are comfortable and multi functional, plus they are a good quality pair of shoes that should last you for a long time to come.

How to wear Chelsea boots with jeans

Cipriata Ladies Womens Leather Slip On Twin Gusset Smart Chelsea Ankle Boots Shoes Size, 6 UK,Cognac These versatile boots go very well with any style and colour of jeans, from skinny to flared and everything in between!

If you are wearing them with skinny jeans then you can enjoy the feeling of having a bit of a breeze on your ankles, and if you are a flares girl then enjoy the light feeling of these ankle high boots.

If you have a black pair of Chelsea boots then you can wear them happily with any colour of jeans, because black is a very forgiving colour and can be paired with everything, even black!

The tan boots also suit just about every colour of jeans – these really are a versatile pair of shoes. Denim works really well with brown shoes, whatever colour or shade of denim it is.

Black, brown or blue; suede or leather – any type or colour of Chelsea boots goes well with any type of jeans.

A. Trousers

All types of trouser go with this style of boots. You can go for foot covering flares; skinny jeans; ankle grazers, leggings, chinos – you can even wear them with denim shorts to get that funky festival vibe!

Bootcut jeans work very well, as you can admire a bit of the boots as they peek out under the hem. Skinny jeans are also great, as the tapering silhouette of the trousers disappears into the boots and creates a great look, which is a nod to the boots’ original look. You don’t actually have to be a Mod to pull off this look!

You can also wear these versatile boots with work trousers, assuming your office has a bit of a casual vibe and the jeans are of the smart, formal type.

Chelsea boots look great with jeggings too; the two together give a punky sort of feel which is a great look, especially when paired with a band or logo tee.

B. Skirts

If you love jeans but you feel like wearing a skirt, why not go for a denim skirt? This is a bit like wearing jeans, but with a bit more of a breeze! Long denim skirts look especially good with Chelsea boots. A long, flowing skirt is a very feminine piece of clothing, and wearing one with a pair of Chelsea boots adds a bit of a masculine edge so you don’t end up looking too girly.

Wearing a short skirt with Chelsea boots is a real punky, edgy look, that you might really enjoy – especially for a night out. A great advantage of these boots is that they are comfortable enough top dance the night away in!

C. Dresses

Chelsea boots work really well with any type of dress. Long, short, knee length, and everything in between. Dresses are a pretty feminine item of clothing, and a pair of Chelsea boots can add an air of masculinity to a dress, which can balance out an outfit.

If you want to go for the ultimate in dresses, opt for a knee length, floaty dress to pair with your Chelsea boots – the contrasting materials will offset each other and will make a really nice look. One option to consider is also a pinafore dress.

Alternatively you can choose a floor length, slinky dress, which will also look fabulous with your boots.

D. Accessories

Because these boots are quite edgy looking, you can either make your accessories along the same lines or go for a more floral, girly route. Whichever way you like your jewellery, you can make your Chelsea boots work well!

If you fancy going down the punky, edgy route, then you an tie your accessories into this feel and go for some edgy sort of jewellery to go with this. Alternatively, you can go for some girly, feminine jewellery to offset the boots.

Hats are a great match for Chelsea boots, as are scarves – you can add a floaty scarf to your outfit to add a touch of glamour to your look.

Final words

Chelsea boots are a great pair of boots. They are comfortable and stylish, they have been worn by the best of the best, and they are perfect for both formal occasions and casual or sporty events. What more could you want from a pair of boots?

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