How To Wear A Pinafore Dress On A Night Out?

A pinafore dress is one of those interesting items of clothing, that can be made to look cute and casual for days out or a trip to the beach, and also dressed up for a sleek and sophisticated night out. If you have been wondering how to wear a pinafore dress on a night out and transform your look, then read on!

What is a Pinafore Dress?

A pinafore was traditionally a type of apron, that was worn over clothes. It is called a pinafore because it was “pinned afore” – ie pinned to the front of a dress.

These days, pinafores have evolved into a lovely simple dress style, that can be worn over a long sleeved top, or with bare arms, depending on the weather. There are a great many different fabric, cuts and colours of pinafore dress, so you shouldn’t struggle too hard to find one that is perfect for you.

How to wear a Pinafore Dress on a night out?

For a classy, simple look, go for a long sleeved shirt under your pinafore dress. You can pick your favourite colour, or go for something out of your comfort zone if you fancy trying something different. Teamed with some killer heels, this is a classy and comfortable look and one which is ideal for a night out.

If you want to branch out the colours a bit, you can go for a checked or multicoloured long sleeve under your pinafore. This works especially well if the dress is a plain or muted colour, as it acts as a foil for the colourful top underneath. Pastel colours also work really well, and add to the feminine look of the outfit.

If you are going out in the winter and want to stay warm, you can throw on a jacket over your dress, or even wear a jumper under it for some toasty warm layers.

A. Tops

YOINS Women's Casual Suspender Skirts Basic High Waist Flared Solid Mini Skater Skirt Pinafore Dress-Black M A figure hugging top is the best bet for wearing with a pinafore dress, as the dress itself is quite flowing and floaty.

Something that clings to your arms will be a good contrast to the looser fit of the dress.

If you fancy a vintage feel to your going out outfit, throw on a baggy tee shirt underneath, and add some chunky accessories and heavy boots.

You don’t have to stick to tees and shirts with your pinafore dress; you can even put a warm fluffy jumper underneath it.

This is the best way to wear a pinafore dress on a night out in the winter, as you will look great and stay warm!

B. Shoes

The type of shoe you go for will probably depend partly on the weather, and partly on what sort of night it is. For a relaxed drink with friends, knee high or ankle high boots will look great.

For a more fancy occasion you can pair your dress with some heels; either towering stilettos or kitten heels. This look will elongate your legs and give the whole outfit a certain air of elegance.

For a grungy look that is also perfect for winter, try a big pair of Doc Martens, or some other type of heavy boot. These will make a great contrast to the feminine, floaty dress, and will tie your outfit together and make you look great.

If your night out is the casual type, or you want to spend all night dancing around your handbag, you can wear trainers with your pinafore dress. This is a great look, and it’s super comfortable too!

C. Jackets

Allegra K Women's Tartan Adjustable Strap Above Knee Overall Pinafore Dress Black-Brown 12 If you need to keep warm on your night out, a good warm winter jacket is a must with your pinafore dress. They are generally made from thin fabric, so you will need an extra layer if you want to stay warm in between dances! Leather, denim, wool, or man made fabrics are all good jacket options, so it just depends what type you like the most.

You can go for a long, floor length jacket or a shorter, waist length one. Either will keep you warm and add an extra layer of interest to your outfit.

For the summer months, a lightweight shrug or a little cardigan will be just perfect for keeping off a chill breeze, and for finishing off your ensemble.

D. Accessories

Because a pinafore dress is quite simple, you can accessorise to your heart’s content. Bright, spangly jewellery; funky coloured scarves; necklaces with different textures – anything goes! A pinafore dress is the perfect foil for any type of jewellery.

Hats and scarves also work really well with the pinafore dress, especially for the colder months. If you have a plain coloured dress, you might want to spice it up with a brightly coloured scarf – you can still do this in the summer too, just go with a thin one.

Belts look great with a pinafore dress, and can take the whole outfit to another level. You can go for a thick, wide belt or a thin little hip skimmer – whichever type you choose will show off your waistline, even in this looser style of dress.

Probably not the best idea to wear a fascinator with it though. 🙂

Final words

A pinafore dress, despite having a reputation for being casual wear, is actually a great bet for a night out. It can be incredibly sexy, at the same time as being comfortable enough to dance the night away in. What more could you want in a dress?

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