[Explained] What To Wear With A Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is one of fashion’s most successful launches. It can be worn to the office; to a night out; to formal dos – anything you want to dress up or down, the pencil skirt is your new best friend! It is a classy item of clothing, that can be made to look official and hard working, or dressed up for a night on the tiles. Whatever sort of occasion you have in mind, the ubiquitous pencil skirt has got you covered. Read on to learn more on what to wear with a pencil skirt & more.

Why wear a pencil skirt?

This item of clothing is incredibly versatile. You can make it into a smart outfit for the office; a sexy outline for a night on the tiles; or a great look for a formal occasion.

Because the pencil skirt sits just above or just below the knees, it gives the impression of more length in your legs – plus it shows off your shapely calves without being too revealing.

You can make a pencil skirt look good on you, no matter what your height or body shape – as long as you match it well with the rest of your outfit. A pencil skirt is also comfortable to wear and move around it, thanks to its pleats that allow for leg movement.

Types of pencil skirt

You can find pencil skirts in just about any different fabric and any different colour that you can possibly imagine. The lengths also vary slightly too; some sit above the knee while others sit below it – but all pencil skirts share the same figure hugging, flattering shape.

They are generally high waisted, and snugly fit the hips and thighs, allowing them to show off your curves whilst also being slimming – no mean feat for one piece of clothing!

You can find them in floral fabrics, sheer leather – even everyone’s favourite wardrobe staple, denim. You may be worried that they are restrictive, but thanks to the tailoring and the panels, you will be able to move and walk about – and sit, and stretch, and dance – in a pencil skirt very easily.

What to wear with a pencil skirt?

A. Tops

HOMEYEE Women's Vintage Stand Collar Short Sleeve Bodycon Business Pencil Dress B430 (UK 8 = Size S, Black) For a feminine, flattering look, go for a lacy blouse or a sheer top, or one with ruffles or lace.

This type of top offsets the clean lines of the skirt, and creates a lovely girly look.

To take your pencil skirt to the office of an important meeting, opt for a peplum top.

This is a more “official” sort of look, but also one that is very flattering, due to the shape of the top.

This look is also ideal for creating a waist where there isn’t one, or for slimming a fuller figure.

For a more casual look, you can pair your pencil skirt with a t shirt or even a crop top – just make sure that you go for a bold, statement t shirt or a crop top that is not too figure hugging, so as to make the most of the tight skirt.

If your top is tight, you can soften the lines with a long flowing jacket, to offset the tightness of skirt and top.

B. Shoes

Berydale Women's Pencil Skirt, Blue (Navy), Medium Heels are a pencil skirt’s best friend.

They elongate the legs and make you look tall and elegant, plus they hone the shape of your legs spectacularly!

Tall pencil heels complement a pencil skirt perfectly, as they accentuate the length and fit of the skirt.

What about boots? These are perfectly acceptable to wear with a pencil skirt too; you can go for short, chunky ankle boots for every day wear, or add a pair of calf or even knee boots for a more striking look.

High heeled sandals are another great look with a pencil skirt, as they are feminine and pretty, plus they have the added bonus of making your legs look longer and slimmer too.

If your pencil skirt is a plain or dark colour, you should go for some brightly coloured sandals for that eye catching contrast, while if your skirt is colourful then a pair of plain coloured shoes will offset it perfectly.

It is not advised to wear trainers with a pencil skirt, as they do not quite match the slightly more formal look of the skirt, but you can get away with low pumps if you are going for the more casual look.

C. Accessories

Depending on the look you are going for, you can really jazz up your pencil skirt with various accessories. If you have a plain skirt, you can add a bit of wow factor with a sparkly bag, and your jewellery can also be a bit more out there than usual, as it is a nice contrast to the more muted skirt.

If you have opted for a bright, colourful skirt then the accessories should be a little more toned down, to really set off the brightness of the skirt.

Long, flowing necklaces are great with any kind of pencil skirt, and the lines blend into each other and it really sets off an outfit perfectly.

Earrings can also be longer and more eye catching, because of the close fitting skirt.

Final words

A pencil skirt is one of fashion’s ultimate successes. They are flattering to the figure, they offer an instant slimming effect to just about any silhouette, plus they are comfortable to wear as well. You can dress it up for an important day in the office, or add a really nice top and heels for a night out.

Wherever and however you want to wear your pencil skirt, you know you can do so with pride and confidence!

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