9 Timeless Fashion Tips For Flat-Chested Women

So you aren’t really blessed in the bust department? No worries. Living life without the added stress of finding room for those breasties is really how it should be. No boobs. No stress. In other words, you’ve got the go-ahead to dress in pretty much anything – an advantage that bustier girls don’t get to enjoy.

In this article, we’ve uncovered 9 flat chested fashion tips that are bound to work perfectly for you – and only you. Just think of your flat chest as a black canvas, and think of all the ways your small chest can make any outfit look totally gorg!

1. Go Braless

Many girls feel uneasy going braless, either because they feel uncomfortable or they are afraid their nipples will show. To those girls, I say to you, you’re missing out on the best opportunity to feel feminine and sexy. Not that we should go braless to please men, but most of my male friends say they love the braless look. From casual day outs to nightclub fun, all you need is some tape and you’re on your way to rocking it like Kendall Jenner.

2. Show Off Your Neckline

With a flat chest, you’re free to show off your neckline anytime- you can wear a halter top, a bandeau top or a strapless dress- and they will all look perfect on you. And if you are in the mood for a high-necked top, you will look amazing too. Just highlight your cleavage and your arms and you are good to go. Isn’t this just the best part about having small breasts?

3. Embrace Crop Tops

Ariana Grande whose crop top game is always on point says:

“I have more than 15 crop tops. I rock them at work, on weekends and when I’m just relaxing in bed with some yummy Chinese foods. Not only are they the most comfortable outfit in the world, (I mean they are just like bras), but they also instantly give personality and style to any outfit. You can also take pride in knowing that curvier girls can never pull off a crop top like a flat-chested lady.

For a daytime look, wear your favourite crop top with high-waist jeans and throw a long jacket or sweater over it. For night time, you’re free to experiment. You can do anything from tiny skirts to booty shorts. The world is all yours!”

4. Flaunt Baggy Outfits

One of the best parts about being blessed with small boobs? You can pull off baggy outfits with confidence. Something that would look tacky on a bustier girl will look graceful on you. From slouchy jumpers and baggy tank tops to dungarees and boyfriend jeans, you can carry off baggy without running the risk of looking way bigger than you really are.

5. Prints And Patterns Are Your Best Bet

Just keep this in mind. Whatever curvy girls are afraid to wear is what you should embrace. Like you should go for prints and patterns that accentuate your bust area and make it look bigger. Horizontal prints will work wonders for you any day.

6. Rock Backless

With backless tops and dresses, you get a chance to show off a whole lot of skin in the most unexpected way. Business at the front and a party at the back? Well, need I say more? Plus, you actually get to go braless too!

7. Wear V-necks

Some people say V-necks only work for girls with bigger busts. Sorry about that, but they’re wrong. Just cos’ you have small boobs, doesn’t mean you can’t do a trend and still look gorgeous. Throw on some jewellery or a crop top underneath and rock your V-neck in style.

8. Go High-Waist

Try wearing high-waisted jeans and skirts to draw attention to your beautiful assets. And I’m not just referring to your butt, you can draw attention to your small waist, arms and even legs. Pairing a statement necklace with a cute high waist draws attention to your entire body and gives you that helluva refined look.

9. Splash On Some Colour

Bright colours help you flaunt an area of your body while drawing attention away from others. For instance, if you’re wearing a strapless top, you can pair it up with a bright jacket or colourful jeans to draw attention away from your bust area and flatter other areas of your body.

Embrace your flat chest ladies, you just don’t know how blessed you are in the fashion department. And if you need a specific example, I recommend you have a look at this perfect outfit for flat chested ladies.

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