Best Garden Party Outfit: What To Wear To A Garden Party

Summer is the most enjoyable season of the year – the weather is great, our moods are high and there are a lot of fun activities to do. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, a garden wedding or a baby shower, there is basically a party for every occasion.

But since there’s so much going on in summer, it can be hard to make up your mind on what to wear for each occassion. However, it’s pretty safe to assume that you should be prepared for sun, sand, grass and bugs. Now, a dinner party is one thing, but if it’s a garden party, the glamour quotient moves up a notch, which means rocking your long dinner dress probably won’t cut it.

Honestly speaking, garden parties can be as tricky as the ingredients on the host’s barbecue. Get to the party overdressed, and you’ll spend the day feeling self-conscious; arrive too casual, and you won’t be able to shake off that feeling of being misplaced. So what do you do to get it right?

First of all, simplicity is key. You want to feel free and comfortable. The sundress is the best choice for a garden party. It is extremely comfortable and lightweight. You won’t feel self-conscious or misplaced in it. Plus, you can style it with anything you want, starting from blazers, cardigans and denim jackets. You can also accentuate it with a belt to skim your waist or leave it completely free for some uniqueness.

Flat shoes are also perfect for walking on gravel or grass and running around the yard with little kids. But flat shoes don’t have to be boring. They can still be glamorous, playing off the neutral tones of your dress flawlessly and giving you that full feminine look.

For your handbag, you should go small. A clutch bag in a garden party is a no-no; plus large totes only add bulkiness to a look that’s meant to be relaxed and light. Empty the contents of your everyday handbag into a little cross-body style. The goal is to enjoy a cool afternoon feeling as free and effortless as possible (while relishing one last ingredient: the sun).

Best Outfit for a Garden Party

best garden party outfit

To that end, here is our selection of the perfect garden party outfit for every type of summer event. This style will look fabulous anytime from morning to late afternoon and can be worn in a casual hangout as well as a formal event. We can’t wait to introduce you to it:

1. Backless Strapless Floral Maxi Dress

This strapless floral print dress has conquered the trousers to emerge at the top of the list this year. If you’re looking to try something fresh and unexpected, then I would recommend you wear this dress. It ideally suits garden parties where the dress code is a mixture of casual and semi-formal. The great thing about it is that it adds a touch of playfulness but doesn’t kill the overall elegance. As you know, floral embodies sexiness and femininity. Plus, the white will surely add taste to your final look. Also, the fact that it is backless means you can harmonize it with accessories for that ultimate fiery finish.

2. Trendsmax Rose Gold Bracelet

To further lift up your summer style proportion is a rose gold bracelet to charge you up for positivism and channel your afternoon energy in the right direction. This bracelet is 4.4 grams, 7 mm wide and 7-11 inches long, making it a seamless fit for your wrist. It is also completely hallmarked with semi-hollow chains which are configured stylishly into a V pattern. If you are looking for something to dramatically accentuatee your summer look, then you can never go wrong with this rose gold bracelet.

3. Vintage Gold Plated Hoop Earrings

Next are these vintage gold plated earrings which are simply beautiful, classy and elegant. They are fashionable in every sense and will complement the white floral dress to perfection. No doubt this is the simplest fashion statement for every outdoor garden party. It is absolutely perfect for weddings, barbecues and birthday events.

4. Women Pumps High Heels

Finally, we have the thin heeled gladiator pumps to complete your garden party outfit. These shoes are loved for their classic silhouette and mid-height heel. They are the most comfortable shoes for outdoor events and can be worn straight out of the box on sand, gravel and grass. Your feet will appreciate the openness and thank you for the abundance of air.

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