How To Choose The Best Outfit For Rain

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to hide your body under a thick formless jacket or raincoat.

You can be stylish while staying warm and dry.

In this dressing guide, I’ll give you some tips on how to choose the best outfit for rain. I’ve also put together one outfit that works great for most ladies.

Let’s start with some helpful tips.

Layer your Outfit

Multiple layers of clothes keep you warm while giving you the flexibility to shed some of them off if the weather improves.

Start with a breathable long sleeved top and a pair of lightweight pants. Alternatively, wear a dress. Opt for a knee-length or maxi dress/skirt that will shield your legs from the cold and rain.

You can then top up with a pullover and an overcoat.

When you are at the office, you can shed the coat and leave the pullover or cardigan to keep you warm.

Protect your Legs

An umbrella won’t shield your entire body especially if you are in driving rain. It’s easy for your legs to get soaked.

An obvious way to protect your legs from the water and cold is by opting for pants instead of a dress.

To keep your trouser from getting drenched from the rain or puddles of water on the street, put on a pair of high boots.

Finally, wear a coat that goes all the way to your knees or lower.

Wear a Waterproof Raincoat if You Want Something Lighter

If a trench coat is too heavy for you, you can wear a light raincoat instead. Make sure it is waterproof and that it covers you from head to ankles.

For light rain and short walks, you can ditch your umbrella and rely on just the raincoat.   

Keep Your Head Warm with a Hat

To keep your head and ears, there are many hat styles that are practical and fashionable. A beanie hat is a popular choice.

You can also try a headscarf if your hairstyle allows it.

A hat not only keeps you warm; it’ll also protect your hair from the rain.

Choose Comfortable Shoes

If you are going to be walking, wear closed waterproof shoes. The last thing you want is to walk around in soggy and cold shoes.

High boots are great especially if you’ll be walking somewhere where there are likely lots of puddles. Shorter ankle-high boots work great as well.

If it’s just a light shower, you can get away with waterproof sneakers.

An Umbrella, Obviously

An umbrella provides the best protection in the rain. Look for a compact one that opens wide enough to cover most of your body but small enough to fit in a bag or carry by hand.

Best Outfit for Rain

best outfit for rain

1. EASTDAMO Skinny Jeans for Women

These high-waist skinny jeans keep your legs warm and snug in rainy weather. They are snug but stretchy so they won’t pinch your waist or thighs.

They are also comfortable to walk in.

The fabric is 90% cotton and 10% spandex, which provides the stretchy feel. The cotton improves breathability while keeping you warm.

2. Be Jealous Ladies Cable Knit Long Sleeve Turtle Sweater

This sweater is soft and warm. The turtleneck long sleeve design ensures that your neck and arms are well protected from the cold.

You can layer it over a tee, camisole or whatever top you want.

The sweater is made from acrylic (95%) and elastane (5%), which makes it a bit stretchy.

3. KaloryWee Ladies Trench Coat

Complete your main ensemble with this elegant but practical trench coat.

It’s made from cotton and polyester so it retains lots of warmth inside. For an average height wearer, it goes up to the knees.

The double-breasted design ensures you bundle yourself up with style.

4. Joules Women’s Field Welly Gloss Wellington Boots

Perfect for rainy weather, these Wellington boots keep your feet warm and dry. They have a beautiful gloss finish on the outside, a durable rubber outer material and a hardy gum rubber sole.

The adjustable gusset at the back lets you adjust the width for a perfect fit.

5. Trendy Cross Body Bag for Women

This bag’s faux leather outer material stands up well to a bit of moisture. It’s the perfect office handbag for a rainy day.

The inside is lined with soft fabric and divided into various compartments for easy organization.

To keep water out, the bag has a zipper closure as well as a flap that goes over the zip and secures in place with a magnetic snap.

You can carry the bag over your shoulder using the adjustable shoulder strap or with your hand using the top handle.

6. KAZbrella® Reverse Opening/Inside Out Umbrella

KAZbrella® is unlike any other umbrella. It features an innovative reverse folding frame that allows you to open and close the umbrella in tight spaces.

You can close the umbrella when you are already seated in the car or right at your home’s doorway. No need to get yourself wet as you dash a couple of feet to the car or door.

It can withstand heavy rain and winds without blowing inside out.

You can get it in a purple/black, red/black or turquoise/black combo.

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