How To Choose The Best Outfit For Long Haul Flight?

When it comes to dressing for a long haul flight, style takes a back seat to comfort. Those high heels won’t feel very glamorous when you’ve had them on for three hours, with several more to go.

I’m not saying that you need to look like you are preparing for bed or a day lounging at home. You can still rock a stylish outfit that is comfortable.

Here’s what to keep in mind when selecting the best outfit for a long haul flight. We’ve also put together an outfit that works great for most people.

Be comfortable

This is more important than anything else. Skip that jacket that feels a bit tight around your shoulders or your favourite bottom-accentuating pair of pants that pinches your stomach.

Look for well-fitting clothes that feel comfortable whether you are standing or sited.

When it comes to pants, I personally prefer something stretchy like leggings or a pair of athleisure pants. Loose fitting or baggy pants also give your legs plenty of room to move and stretch.

As for the top, definitely something lightweight and breathable. Nothing worse than getting hot and sweaty in a cramped space.

A cotton t-shirt is a great choice.

The same lightweight and breathable combo also goes for the shoes. It goes without saying they should be well-fitting as well. You don’t have to be walking to get sore fit from too-tight shoes.

Be warm

Look for an outfit that keeps you warm without making you overheated. So no heavy jacket or fur coat.

Instead, go for a long cardigan or a pullover and complement it with a scarf or pashmina. They are enough to keep you warm when the cabin gets a bit chilly and you can easily take them off when it gets stuffy.


Because temperature conditions are unpredictable, you need to prepare for anything. The best way to do this is by layering.

A warm sweatshirt is comfortable in most circumstances but can get too warm if temperatures go up and you can’t take it off because you have nothing but a bra underneath.

Same goes for a t-shirt or top. It’ll quickly prove inadequate when temperatures drop and you have nothing to wear on top.

Layering a t-shirt with a cardigan and a scarf gives you the flexibility to deal with different temperature situations.

You can take off or put on items depending on current conditions. And since these items are not bulky, it’s easy to keep those you are not wearing on hand.

Optional clothing items

  • Socks – depends on your personal preferences. If you are comfortable with just shoes on, you can skip them. But if your feet tend to get cold or sweaty, wear a pair of cotton socks. If you are at risk of deep vein thrombosis, wear compression socks.
  • Hat – also depends on your preferences. It’s not bulky and you can easily take it off. So wearing one purely for style won’t inconvenience you. You can also wear a warm hat if your ears tend to get cold.
  • Sleep mask – technically not a clothing item but it will make you more comfortable during sleep. Also consider carrying a small travel pillow.

Best outfit for Long Haul Flight

Here’s what we’ve put together. This outfit should work well for most people. Just make sure to select your size.

1. Glook Womens High Waist Leather Look Skinny Jeans

These jeans come in black or burgundy, both dull colours that don’t show dirt easily. So a little bit of dust shouldn’t affect your look.

They look like they are made from leather but they are actually a blend of four fabrics including rayon, PU leather, elastane and polyamide.

The result is a fabric that’s soft to the touch. It feels really good against your skin. It’s also stretchy, which ensures you have room to move your feet.

The pants are snug but comfortable.

The fabric is also lightweight. It doesn’t get hot or stuffy.

Instead of decorative pockets or no pockets like in most women’s trousers, this pair of jeans has actual functional pockets. It may seem like a small thing but it will prove useful on a long haul flight.

You can keep small items like gum within easy reach instead of putting them in the messy depths of your handbag.

The jeans are machine washable but the manufacturer recommends hand washing to prolong the life of the fabric.

2. Fruit of the Loom Ladies Ringspun Premium T-Shirt

A cotton t-shirt is the best choice for a top. It’s soft, lightweight and breathable. It also goes great with just about anything.

This t-shirt from Fruit of the Loom comes in 15 colours so you can choose the one that best matches your taste and style. You can choose different sizes from XS to XXL.

This is not a basic run of the mill t-shirt that even a guy can put on. It’s stitched specifically to provide a flattering feminine look.

Who said you can’t mix style and practicality?

3. SHEKINI Womens Casual Open Front Long Sleeve Cardigan

This cardigan perfectly matches the skinny jeans and cotton t-shirt. The result is a chic casual look that is airport-ready.

The knit cardigan is made from cotton and acrylic. It’s warm without getting too hot. The loose fit ensures it doesn’t pinch your shoulders or arms.

Two side pockets provide extra functionality.

If the grey cardigan doesn’t work for you, there are also green and ginger options.

4. PUMA Unisex Adults Smash V2 L Low-Top Sneakers

Sneakers are a great choice for long haul flights. They are lightweight and most are breathable.

These casual PUMA sneakers complete your casual outfit while ensuring your feet are comfortable.

The outer material is synthetic leather while the inside is a mesh material for breathability. The sole is made from durable gum rubber.

You can get the sneakers in all-white, all-black, white with a green or blue stripe and a dozen other styles.

5. TIZORAX Black White Plaid Checked Womens Clutch

Even with the pockets on the pants and cardigan, you still need a purse for items like cash and cards.

This clutch has a beautiful plaid check style that blends well with the rest of the outfit. A beautiful golden zipper provides easy access to the compartments inside.

The compartments make it easy to organise all your stuff. There are 12 pockets for cards, 3 for cash and one zippered one for whatever else you need to carry.

The purse is made from soft microfiber leather.

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