How To Choose The Best Outfit For A Pool Party

Dressing for a pool party is basically about finding something comfortable and stylish to wear over your swimsuit.

Wear something light that will keep you comfortable in the sun. Also keep in mind that you might get wet, even when you are out of the pool. This calls for a pair of sandals and a top that can handle some moisture.

Here are some tips for choosing the best outfit for a pool party.

Choose A Swimsuit You are Comfortable in

An important part of having fun at a pool party is being comfortable with your outfit. If you don’t think your bikini flatters your body, you’ll spend the day feeling self-conscious.

Whether you choose a one-piece, a traditional two-piece bikini or a bodysuit, make sure you feel great in it.

Note that if you are not planning to swim, you can skip the swimsuit and just wear a simple but stylish summer outfit.

Choose a Summer Style

Pool parties are the highlights of summers. It’s one of the best opportunities to rock your favourite summer outfit.

Two things to consider when choosing a pool party-friendly summer outfit is the sun and style.

Wear something that won’t roast your body when you are lounging by the poolside. No heavy jacket, jeans or closed shoes.

A pool party is the one place you can expose more skin without feeling out of place. So don’t be afraid to try something like booty shorts, short dresses or a sleeveless top.

Just make sure whatever you wear keeps you cool and sweat-free.

Note: If the party will stretch into the evening, carry a light jacket as well.

As for shoes, a pair of sandals or flip-flops is an obvious choice. Not only will they keep your feet cool, they won’t soggy up your feet if they get wet.

You can also wear platforms if sandals are not your thing.

But avoid heels if you can. The last thing you want is to leave holes on the soft lawn.


Jewellery is an important part of your summer outfit. The trick is to choose one or two pieces that stand out and complement the rest of your outfit.

You can go with a simple thin neck chain and earrings or opt for something showier like a chunky necklace. A colourful bangle also goes great with a pool party getup.

Carry a Large Bag

A large colourful bag is both practical and stylish. It perfectly completes your pool party look and provides a place to store all the stuff you’ll need including a light jacket, a towel, make up and toiletries.

Look for something with several smaller pockets for easier organization.

Protect Your Eyes

Your outfit is not complete without a pair of sunglasses. Not only do they look great for a pool party, the right ones protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

You can also wear a wide brimmed hat to shield your eyes from the sun.

Best Outfit for a Pool Party

best outfit for a pool party

Here’s a pool party outfit that I think looks great on most people regardless of body type and weight.

1. Misolin One Piece Swimsuit

I choose this one piece swimsuit because it works well for different body types. You can rock it whether you are plus size or have a slim physique.

The V neckline and the bare sides add a nice touch.

The swimsuit fabric consists of nylon and elastane. It is stretchy, which provides a snug fit and ensures the swimsuit retains its shape even when wet.

It comes with a removable padding bra.

2. SS7 Women’s High Waisted Ripped Shorts

This pair of high-waist jean shorts looks great and keeps you cool. The ripped design adds a nice casual element to your pool party outfit.

Many customers say the shorts are shorter than they seem. They recommend ordering the next size up. This also ensures the rips are not in an uncomfortable place.

3. VERYCO Women Long Beach Cover up Cardigan

A long cardigan is the best way to cover up your swimsuit when you are not in the pool. It can also keep you warm if the weather gets a bit chilly.

This long cardigan is made from chiffon and has floral embroidery that’s perfect for a pool party. Tassels at the bottom add a nice summery touch.

4. FITORY Womens Sandals

For your feet, this pair of Fitory sandals will go great with your outfit. It comes in black, silver and rose gold.

The straps are embellished with rhinestone and the sole is comfortably squishy. They are easy to slip in and out of.

5. SUNGAIT Women’s Mirrored Polarized Lens

These sunglasses filter out UVA and UVB rays that can harm your eyes.

The oversized design looks great for a pool party and goes well with most face types. The glasses feature a lightweight metal frame that feels comfortable even after hours of wearing them.

6. Lace Choker Necklace

This necklace set consists of 8 choker pieces. Six are lace chokers, one is a velvet choker and the other is a stretch tattoo choker.

Choose the one that you think goes best with your outfit.

They are all black so they match well with just about anything.

7. PROSTEEL Tree of Life Necklace

Complement the choker with this neck chain. It comes in several colours but we prefer the black one for this particular outfit.

The necklace consists of a stainless steel chain and a steel pendant with an ornate Tree of Life design.

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