How To Choose The Best Outfit For Church

Most churches, and religious places generally, have an unspoken dress code that emphasizes appropriateness and decency.

When choosing an outfit for church, find a conservative style that is unlikely to offend anyone or go against that particular church’s dress code.

But that doesn’t mean you have to wear something boring. You can still be fashionable while being modest.

Here are our best tips for dressing for church.

Golden Rule: Expose Less Skin

In many other situations, including on the street, it’s perfectly okay to wear something that reveals more skin than usual.

But for church, find an outfit that covers up much of your skin. A knee length or lower dress works great as does a high neckline blouse.

Avoid short shorts, see-through attire, short dresses and anything that shows off too much cleavage.

Check the Weather

Check the weather forecast for the day and time you’ll be going to church and dress accordingly.

Unless it’s very cold or snowing, you don’t need to wear heavy winter clothes. A comfortable dress or pair of pants, a top and a sweater or cardigan will keep you warm in most weather conditions including a sunny Sunday.

If it’s likely to rain, choose a lightweight rain jacket that you can take off and put in your bag once you are inside the church. Alternatively, wear a warm sweater or cardigan and carry an umbrella.

For Shoes, Choose Low Heels or Flats

High heels are not appropriate in most churches while sneakers would be too casual. The best shoes for church are low to medium heels or flats. Low wedges and platforms also work great for church.

Simple Accessories

In most churches, it’s okay to wear jewellery. But keep it simple. A simple necklace and pair of earrings should complement your church outfit perfectly. Don’t forget to add a small handbag or clutch.

Beware Traditions

Some churches have traditions that call for specific attire such as headscarves, ankle-length dresses or no jewellery. Others frown on women wearing pants.

Research the church or denomination before you go to make sure you don’t run afoul of any traditions.

If you are in doubt about what to wear, call the church and ask for guidance.

Best Outfit for Church

best outfit for church

1. KIMODO® Womens Maxi Skirt

You can’t go wrong with a Maxi skirt. It’s long and proper enough for a church environment.

This pleated one from KIMODO is modest yet stylish. We particularly love the yellow one. It goes best with the rest of the outfit we’ve put together.

But the skirt is also available in black, blue, pink and several other plain colours.

2. TAOtTAO Womens Pullover

This pullover goes perfectly with the high-waist maxi skirt. The polka dot pattern balances out the plain styling of the skirt.

And because it covers your arms completely and has a high neckline, you don’t have to worry about offending anyone in church.

You can wear it as it is with just a bra underneath or layer it on top of a camisole.

3. ODETOJOY Women’s Bib Necklace

This necklace has a simple design that’s church-appropriate and the gold styling matches the yellow maxi skirt.

It’s made from a metal alloy with 18K gold plating.

4. Aossta Women Ladies Shoulder Quilted Handbag

Small handbags and clutches are the best for church. Not only is it easy to hold when you are seated, it also matches the modest minimalist look of the rest of the outfit.

This one from Aossta is available in a large and small size. It has multiple zippered pockets inside for easy organisation.

It’s made from high quality imitation leather.

5. Comfort Plus Ladies Wide Fit Heel

Formal office shoes work surprisingly well for church as well. They are comfortable, not too showy and fashionable.

This pair of heels spots a medium heel height of 5cm. The upper is made from patent leather, the sole is gum rubber and the foot bed is lined with memory foam.

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