The Best Outfit To Wear To A Funeral

Funerals are one of the worst occasions to attend. No one likes bidding farewell to their loved ones. It is a very emotional moment, and the somber mood doesn’t make it any easier.

Nonetheless, funerals are considered formal events, and therefore, funeral etiquette should be strictly adhered to at all times. From how you conduct yourself at the funeral to the outfit you choose to wear that particular day.

However, this does not mean that you cannot be stylish at a funeral. It is entirely okay to dress well but remember your outfit should not draw any adverse attention towards you.

Choosing what to wear to a funeral can be quite tricky. It’s not like you have a funeral dress lying around in your closet waiting for the day somebody will die so you can rock it. Most often than not, you will have to shop for a funeral outfit.

Some of the best outfits you can choose for a funeral include:

  • A simple black dress

This dress is the most approved outfit for a funeral worldwide. The length should be below the knee, and it should not have a plunging neckline. Remember you are supposed to be conservative and not draw any attention to yourself. The dress should be well fitting and not too tight to emphasize your curves. You can accessorize it with a simple gold necklace with matching earrings that are not too sparkling.

  • Two to three inch closed wedge shoe

A simple wedge shoe is the best since you will be walking on grass at the funeral grounds. Not only are the shoes very comfortable, but they are also stylish. You might want to skip wearing your favorite stilettos on this day since you may find yourself walking on uneven ground. The wedges will allow you to move around with ease and you will be able to focus on giving your loved one a decent sendoff instead of worrying about your next step.

Best Outfit for A Funeral

Here is our selection of the best attire you can rock to a funeral without raising eyebrows while at the same time maintaining a stylish look.

1. Classic Grey Blazer

This blazer is a must-have, and the grey color is a classic shift from the typical black color. The blazer will give you the edge you need in addition to comfort. Blazers can be worn as part of a casual look and as part of formal wear, so in this case, it’s a perfect match. It should be as fitting as possible but not too tight to accentuate your silhouette.

2. Black V-neck Top

This top will give you all the comfort you need. It is not an attention seeker, and the V-neck design will make it pop and not look so basic. The top should be the correct size to avoid it looking like a baggy t-shirt, and at the same time, it should not be too short to resemble a crop top. You can add a simple silver necklace to add more glam to it.

3. Well-fitting Pants

Not everyone is a fan of wearing dresses and skirts, and pants offer fantastic comfort for any occasion. For a funeral, the pants should be well fitting; either in black or any other conservative color. Avoid flashy colors and prints that will make you stand out. Low-cut pants and jeans are a big no. The fitting pants can also be worn with formal chiffon top and cute flat shoes.

4. Trendy Sling Bag

This unique mid-size shoulder bag is the best for a funeral. It is the right size to accommodate all the essentials you will need like pocket tissues, lip gloss, phone, wallet, and hand moisturizing lotion. A huge bag will look very awkward at a funeral. The trendy sling bag will serve the purpose and at the same time give life to your outfit without drawing too much attention to you.

5. Wide Brim Hat

The appropriate size is 3-1/2”. This size is the best since a very wide brim hat will cause unnecessary attention, and it will not be conservative. The black color is also perfect since it will easily blend with the rest of the outfit. You can pair the hat with cute sunglasses that are not too flashy. The hat and sunglasses will ensure that you are well protected from the sun, and you do not end up with any sunburns or heat rash.

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