What To Wear With Doc Martens?

Doc Martens are a wonderful pair of shoes. They are made with high quality materials and great craftsmanship, and you can wear them with just about anything! They are great for an outfit where you are going for a punky look; perfect for hitting the streets on a cold winter’s day; and they are also very helpful at adding a touch of masculinity to an outfit that is heading down the slightly too girly road. What to wear with Doc Martens? Just about anything you could possibly think of, that’s what!

What’s great about Doc Martens

These shoes are iconic. They have been around since 1960, and as well as their well known 1460 style still being in production now, they have countless new styles and types of shoe available, in all the colours of the rainbow.

Doc Martens are an inclusive company, and offer their shoes to men, women, children – and everything in between!

You can get the standard boots, as well as shoes more more formal occasions; dress shoes; extravagant multicoloured shoes, and a huge selection of types of shoe that can go with any outfit, for any occasion.

What to wear with Doc Martens

A. Trousers

Dr. Martens 1460 Original, Unisex Adults' Boots, Black(Black 001), 9 UK (43 EU) To really show off these shoes’ appeal, go for a slim fit trouser, or a pair that you can roll up.

You want to show off the entire boot, not just that classic rounded toe!

You can go for skinny jeans or leggings for best effect.

That being said, a pair of bootcut jeans can work equally well with DMs; just bear in mind that the full effect of these iconic boots is best when you can see the whole thing.

If you have a pair of more multicoloured ones however, you can easily get away with hiding more of the boot under a longer hem.

Trousers which skim the ankle are great, because again, you can really show off the whole boot. If you go for a pair of these shorter trousers, you have a bit more scope with the fit – wide hems, statement kick flares, even good old pedal pushers will work wonders for your look.

You can also really rock the shorts look if you pair them with Doc Martens – true festival chic right there, even if all the festivals are off this year – you can make your own by splashing in a muddy puddle while listening to loud music!

B. Tops

With these shoes, absolutely anything goes on your top half. You can go for the grunge look by wearing a ripped t shirt, or a band top, or even one with logos.

If you find yourself in the depths of winter, a cosy wool knit will look fab with your chunky boots.

Leather jackets also complement the Doc’s style perfectly, as will a denim one.

C. Dresses

Nensiche 2019 Women Short Sleeve Wrap Boho Floral Mini Dress Ladies Summer Sundress Holiday V-Neck Women's High Waist Retro Beach Skirt (Black, L) Any dress will be enhanced by Doc Martens, especially floral, feminine dresses that need a bit of a masculine edge added to them.

A midi dress with long, 8 or 12 eyelet boots is a great look, and will give your outfit a real steampunk feel.

If you are stepping out in a maxi dress, you can still wear your Docs – just avoid wearing tights or socks, so as not to detract from the look of the skirt with the boots.

A mini dress paired with Docs is a killer look, perfect for the festival circuit or a day out hitting the shops.

D. Skirts

Mini skirts and Doc Martens are a match made in heaven. You can go for leather or denim to add to your grunge look, or go for something pinky, floaty and/or floral for a nice contrast between the chunky boots and delicate skirt.

Long skirts also work well, but you should avoid the floor brushing ones as these will completely hide the full effect of the DMs. A skirt that sits just above the ankle is the best bet, and you can go for any style you like – a lighter skirt will offset the chunky boots perfectly.

If you go for a longer skirt you can get away with less on the top layer, to make a contrast in your outfit and avoid the whole thing looking too chunky.

E. Accessories

Because of this shoe’s long and illustrious history, you should complement it with vintage jewellery.

You can even go for costume pieces, to add a touch of dazzle to your outfit and bring out the boots even more! A rakish hat will look great, as will a bright, spangly bag.

Final words

Doc Martens are a great pair of shoes. They are comfortable, incredibly long lasting, and they will never go out of style. A great pair of DMs will actually mould themselves to your feet over time, so wearing them will be the most comfortable shoe experience you ever had.

The only downside with these great boots is that you will feel compelled to keep buying more and more of them, until you have all the different styles!

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