Best Outfit For Ed Sheeran Concert This Year

Half the fun of going to a live concert is choosing what to wear. You want to stand out in a multitude of fans but still be comfy enough to dance away all night long. Rule number one; choose an outfit that looks trendy and chic but is genre-appropriate. Black with pops of colour should be your go-to colour choice.

Keep things fiery but play with proportions to make your final look trendy and not tacky. Those high heels may look cute but will you be able to hoof around on them all night? If your answer is no, then you may need to do some outfit revision. Luckily, we’ve pulled together a killer concert look just for you.

What to Wear to an Ed Sheeran Concert

An Ed Sheeran concert is your chance to look fun and flirty. Think mini skirts, preppy dresses and cool tees. Add a touch of colour to bring life to your outfit in a fresh and youthful way. Keep things from getting too dull with a nice jacket and comfortable pair of mid-length platform shoes. Let makeup be minimal, bright and practically gleaming. Your whole look should feel intense and edgy but cool and relaxed at the same time.

Best Outfit for Ed Sheeran Concert

To that end, here is our top pick of the best outfit for Ed Sheeran concert. Get ready to rock out in style:

1. Back to School Summer Pleated Skirt

With perfect pleats, a subtle elastic waist and an all-occasion length, this back to school skirt will be an instant show-stopper. It compliments anything from tees and blouses and is the best way to draw attention to your legs. If you want to try something fresh and unexpected, this is your best bet. It comes with hidden zips, a hem that hits mid-thigh and a waistband that is securely cinched around the waist for a perfect fit. Wear by tucking in your t-shirt for the ultimate sexy look. You will look absolutely fabulous.

2. Adidas Women’s T-shirt

With this black Adidas t-shirt, you’ll be one hot concert goer. It is light, soft and perfect for those hot nights when you can’t bear to have anything letting you down. Not to mention the neckline is great and ideal for jumping, dancing and having lots of fun without much hassle. It is also a little long especially on the front and back, so it looks good when tucked into the pleated skirt. If you’re looking for something super cute to dramatically complement your short skirt, then you can never go wrong with this black Adidas t-shirt.

3. Plain Long Sleeve Black Jacket

This long sleeve black jacket instantly adds style to your Ed Sheeran outfit – just look at that popping black colour. It is daring but trendy, roomy but fitted just where it should be, and nearly impossible not to look good in it. Polyurethane is your friend here. It delivers the best of both worlds when it comes to concert outfits- comfortable and lightweight. Just make sure to keep it simple beneath. A basic t-shirt will let the jacket be the stand out piece. Or if you want to take it up a notch, just zip it up and unleash your inner elegance.

4. Casual Backpack for Girls

This tastefully designed backpack has all of your priorities at hand: comfort, weight, organisation and durability. It features a large zipper for access to the main compartment, a smaller zipper to keep extra features and plenty of exterior pockets. Additionally, it has an uplift strap system that snugs close to you, to take the strain off your hips and lower back. It works great to keep your concert items safe while giving you a lot of freedom to enjoy the concert with no distractions.

5. Punk Style Lacing Mid High Platform Shoes

Finally, we have this mid-high platform shoes to finish off your concert look. These shoes are simple, stylish and elegant. They perfectly compliment the knee-high pleated skirt, adding a touch of sexiness and femininity to the whole look. The best part is that they are super comfortable. If you’re looking for something to help you confidently stride up and down the concert floor (while looking ridiculously good), then you should go for these punk style platform shoes.

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