What To Wear With A Black Skater Skirt?

A skater skirt is a very stylish as well as comfortable item to wear. They come in all colours, of course, but black is one of those classic colours that should be a staple of your wardrobe, together with a leather skirt. Black goes with just about anything, and you can dress it up or down with bright colours and accessories – or just add more black, if you’re going for the Goth look!

Why wear a skater skirt?

A skater skirt is a fun, flirty and fancy way to jazz up your wardrobe. You can wear one with just about anything, and enjoy the versatility of a skirt that can be dressed up or down depending on what mood you’re in!

A skater skirt can be made to look casual for those bright summer days by the pump track, or teamed with some killer shoes and a great top to add sparkle to a night out.

So, onto the ultimate question: What to wear with a black skater skirt? Luckily there are a great many options out there; let’s look into them.

Types of skater skirt

There are three basic types of skater skirt:

  • Circle – This is a flowy skirt that offers plenty of movement.
  • Line – A wide skirt with a gentle outward flare, not quite as flowy as the Circle.
  • Pleated – There are a few different types of pleat available in this style, so if you like a pleat then you will be covered.

Most skater skirts are designed to be worn at knee length or just above – you can get them shorter, but generally a knee length style looks the best.

These mid length skirts are great for parties, nights out, and days at the beach, and can be worn by absolutely anybody, regardless of height or dress size. They are generally worn quite high on the waist, which is particularly flattering to most body shapes.

What to wear with a black skater skirt

A. Tops

YOINS Women's Casual Suspender Skirts Basic High Waist Flared Solid Mini Skater Skirt Black L Because the skater skirt is not too tight, you can get away with more figure hugging tops.

Form fitting t-shirts accentuate the volume of the skirt, and a well fitted  scoop or V neck top is very flattering to your natural curves.

Skater skirts, because of the high waist, also pair very well with cropped tops. Go on, be brave and bare that midriff!

You can also look great in a top with spaghetti straps, as these are very feminine, and will add to the light and airy look that usually takes hours to achieve!

The only thing to avoid with a skater skirt is an off the shoulder top – these can make the entire outfit look unbalanced.

This is true for just about every style of skater skirt, because they are quite flowy and don’t always look symmetrical themselves.

  • In the summer, go for short sleeved tops in bright or floral colours.
  • If you are giving your skater skirt a winter outing, you should still stick with the short sleeves as these look best with this style of skirt, but you can throw a heavy jacket over the top to keep you warm, and maybe a signature scarf for a splash of colour.

If you decide to go for a black top to go with your black skater skirt, be aware that this can be quite a harsh look. It’s best to break up the black a little with a few brightly coloured accessories – a belt, or a scarf, to add a pop of colour.

B. Shoes

Pretty Fashion Women's Skater Skirt | Basic A-Line Stretchy Flared Mini Skater Skirt | Multiple Colours Plus Size 8-22 (Black, 20/22) Closed toe shoes are the best to pair with a skater skirt. This is great news for those of us who love our feet to be comfortable!

You can, of course, have some shoes which add height – heeled shoes or boots are great with a skater skirt, and can make you feel more confident if you are on the smaller side.

It’s best to avoid strappy shoes or open toes with a skater skirt, because they just don’t go with the look as well – but if you really want to wear something like this, then you can pair the skirt and shoes with leggings to add an extra dimension.

C. Accessories

A skater skirt is a particularly feminine piece of clothing. Because of this, you can get away with more chunky, masculine accessories.

Your heavier jewellery can come out on the days that you wear this skirt, and they will offset the skirt perfectly.

You can still wear your skater skirt in the winter – just add some thick tights or leggings under it and you’re away! Adding some layers with leggings and a pair of big thick socks will not only keep you warm, but it is a very cute look.

To add a bit more colour to your black skirt, why not go for brightly coloured leggings? You can also add a big bag to your outfit in the winter too – perfect for carrying extra clothes in case it turns really cold.

Final words

A skater skirt is a versatile piece of clothing that can – and should – be a staple of your wardrobe. It is casual enough to wear on a daily basis, yet smart and classy enough to take on a night out with you. Dressing it up or down will make a huge difference to your outfit, so get your skates on and embrace your inner goddess!

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