What Colour Shoes To Wear With Cobalt Blue Dress?

A cobalt blue dress is a striking dress; one that is designed to catch the eye. Anyone can wear this type of dress, of course, but it will look better on certain types of colouring – and with certain types of accessories – than others. That being said, there are different shades of cobalt blue, so you should be able to find one that suits you no matter what your colouring is. The additions to this dress should be minimal – the colour should speak for itself! But what colour shoes to wear with cobalt blue dress, I hear you cry?

Well, shoes are a huge part of any outfit, as we all know. Shoes can make or break any ensemble, and wearing the right kind of shoes with your cobalt dress will take you from merely well dressed, to the best dressed person in the entire room.

Let’s find out more about the right footwear for your striking dress.

Choosing the right cobalt dress

You can find a cobalt blue dress in just about as many styles as there are dresses! From formal prom style to strappy cocktail dresses, relaxed halter necks, skater dresses and just about anything and everything in between.

They come in absolutely any fabric and cut, and you can wear them no matter your age, size or colouring. Blue is a fantastic colour and you can find a shade of it that matches itself well to your particular complexion and hair colour, so it is also a very inclusive shade that is suitable for everyone.

What colour shoes to wear with a cobalt dress

Dorothy Perkins Women's Cobalt Ruched V Neck Bodycon Dress Casual, 22 There are lots of ideas of shoe colour to match with your cobalt dress. There is only one real tip – don’t wear cobalt blue shoes with it!

You may think that matching your shoes to your outfit is the way to go – and in many cases it is, but in the case of this particular colour you should avoid it.

The colours will never exactly match, so there will be a colour clash, and even if you could perfectly match the shoes to the dress, cobalt blue shoes will detract from the effect of your cobalt blue dress.

Cobalt is a bold colour, and as such it deserves to be offset by another, contrasting colour.

  • A striking combination, the black shoes will bring out the dark tones of your dress and give it a formal air.
  • White shoes will bring a look of elegance to your outfit, as well as highlighting the tones of your dress.
  • The calm colour is a great foil for the boldness of the dress’s deep, rich colours.
  • A neutral contrast to your bold blue dress, nude shoes are the safest, easiest option for colours to match your outfit.
  • To add a flash of glamour to your blue dress, wear your shiniest shoes. The understated glamour of a silver shoe can really bring out the glow of your dress.

Heels are the best thing to show off your cobalt blue dress (and your legs!) to their best advantage, so find yourself some high shoes in any of the above colours to give your dress the real wow factor.

Accessories to match

Matching your bag to your shoes is a great place to start. For a bold and striking look, go for a black bag and shoes; for cool and classy go for white feet and handbag; to be neutral yet eye catching, a beige or pastel ensemble to go with your dress will be the perfect look.

If you are wearing an eye catching cobalt blue dress, keep the jewellery toned down and classy – we’re thinking pearl earrings, a simple gold chain, maybe a silver bangle or two.

If your dress is a more simple, plain style, you can let your hair down a bit with the accessories – a statement necklace, bright dangly earrings, coloured bangles, and that sort of thing.

Final words

A blue cobalt dress may seem like a simple, easy to wear item that will make you look and feel gorgeous. And well, it is just that!

Just pay attention to what colour shoes to wear with cobalt blue dress, and you can tread the boards – wherever those boards may be – with confidence that you look as fine as you ever possibly could.

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