What Not To Wear With White Sneakers?

White sneakers are pretty versatile, right? I mean, you can pretty much wear them with anything, can’t you? Well… Yes and no. There are a few things you should think about – such as what NOT to wear with white sneakers. There are no hard and fast rules, of course, and you should always do you, but we have a few hints and tips for you if you want to make the most of your white sneakers – and your entire outfit.

What Not To Wear With White Sneakers?

MIXIN Women Fashion Sneakers Lace Up Sneakers Low Top Casual Shoes for Women White Size 8 Well, this is a bit of a tricky one… Obviously, you can (and should) wear whatever you want, that makes you feel comfortable and happy!

However, there are some things that just go better with white sneakers than others – and some things that we would possibly advise you against.

There is actually very little to say that you can’t wear your white sneakers with absolutely anything and everything… Although, there are some common sense examples!

Wearing white sneakers to court, or to a funeral, may be seen as not quite respectful or official enough. Perhaps it’s best to get the black ones out for these occasions!

There is also an old rule in America about not wearing white at certain times of the year – if you are a stickler for the rules then maybe brush up on your American customs – but these days most people probably don’t worry too much about such things.

Too much white can make an outfit look a little uninspired, and white is great at offsetting other colours, so we would always recommend wearing something bright with your white sneakers, for a good bit of contrast.

That being said, have a read through and see what you think – and if you decide to ignore all the advice and style them your very own way, then who are we to stop you!

What Clothes Go Well With White Sneakers?

White sneakers are one of those timeless pieces that you can wear with just about everything… But, as with everything, there are better and worse ways to style yourself when you are wearing them.

There are a great many different types of white sneaker too – from the activewear style, to trendy kicks, to chunky soles – and just about everything in between! You could get a pair in every style there is, and experiment wearing them with different outfits – just for interest, to see what works best together.

White sneakers go really well with a summer dress, for a cute, comfortable and casual look. White sneakers are pretty much the soulmate of denim – they just go so well together. Wear them with jeans, skirts, dungarees – even slip them on when you’re heading out with a denim jacket. You can even wear your white sneakers to work – pair them with a tailored suit or fitted dress for a nice bit of contrast. Coordinating your top with your shoes is a classic look – if you are wearing your white sneakers, why not go for a white top too?

How Do You Make White Sneakers Look Good?

Ladies Trainers Shoes | Women Casual Shoes | Ladies Jogging Shoes | Women Sneakers Shoes | Ladies Lace Up Shoes | Women Low Top Shoes | Ladies Platform Sports Shoes Size White 5 There’s not actually much you need to do to make your white sneakers look good – they pretty much do this all by themselves! As long as you keep them clean and deal with any scuffs or marks as they appear, you can enjoy the beauty of your white sneakers for a long time to come. White sneakers are equally at home with skirts as they are with trousers, and you can wear them to just about any occasion you fancy. They have an added bonus of being really comfortable, so when you go out for a night on the tiles you won’t have to worry about getting sore feet!

If you are a lover of things multicoloured, why not treat your white sneakers to some new laces? They could have any colour under the sun – even a different colour for each foot – so go for it, and jazz those shoes up. To take it one step further, some people actually have custom designs painted on their white sneakers using special paints. If you are artistically minded yourself, why not get the paints out?

What Jeans To Wear With White Sneakers?

As we have said, denim is the white sneaker’s best friend. Just about the only proviso is that they look better with blue or black denim, rather than the white counterpart. However, white jeans and white shoes is a look that may wash each other out. White sneakers go with any type and style of jean – from skinny to baggy – but you should watch out for the length of your jeans and the ankle height of your sneakers. You don’t want them drowning each other out! White sneakers look equally fantastic with pedal pushers as they do with flares – from seeing the shoe in all its glory to just seeing the tip peeping out, these are genuinely perfect for all types of jean.

Can You Wear White Sneakers With White Jeans?

As we’ve said before, you can wear your white sneakers with absolutely anything you want – and yes, this does include white jeans! You can choose to go completely monochromatic, with your white shoes and jeans paired with a white top and white coat. Or, for a bit of contrast, go for a brightly coloured top to offset all the light colours. Again, the style of the jeans doesn’t matter – those white sneakers lend themselves to just about any outfit you care to throw at them. Wearing a denim jacket with this look will just about finish everything off!

Final Words

Of course, no one should ever tell you what to wear or not to wear – you live your own life, and dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable. However, if you want to look really good then it is worth having a look into the above, just to make sure that your outfit is really on point and that you can show your face at the club without feeling embarrassed!

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