What To Wear With A White Blazer?

A blazer is a smart item of clothing, but one that can also be taken down a level for a less formal type of event. A white blazer is an even more interesting piece; it can be a casual addition to your wardrobe, or it can be used to add a level of interest and uniqueness to your outfit. It is not a hard piece to pull off well, but it must be carefully considered to make sure that you pair it just right. White blazers can add a fantastic layer of elegance and chic to whatever you wear them with; just make sure you wear it right!

What to wear with a white blazer

A. Tops

Yasong Women Long Sleeve Plain Casual Work Formal Suit Jacket Blazer White UK 10 Figure hugging tops look fantastic with a white blazer, especially if your blazer is of the looser fit.

You can go for simple t shirts in pastel colours; striking vest tops all the colour of the rainbow; or even stick to the beautifully simple black and white tones.

Animal print is also a striking effect to wear beneath your white blazer, especially if your accessories match.

To smarten up your white jacket, go for a fitted blouse in muted pastel shades – this look will be ideal for the office or a formal lunch date.

B. Skirts

For a dressed up look, opt for a smart pencil skirt. These are generally high waisted and longer than average, which sets off the tailored fit of the jacket.

Like the rest of your outfit these skirts can be any colour you like – white is an extremely forgiving foil for just about any other colour. (White also looks great with white, and other pale colours – unlike double black, you won’t end up looking washed out, just cool and classy.)

As well as fitted skirts, a white blazer looks great with a looser style, such as a lace skirt or one with pleats.

You can wear your white blazer with long or short skirts, and know that it will look great with any length. You can even try a maxi skirt.

C. Trousers

Wearing your white blazer with a pair of ripped jeans is a fantastic look; the tailored look of the jacket is the perfect foil for the distressed jeans.

For a casual yet chic look, wear your white jacket with a pair of white, wide leg pants – you can wear this equally happily for a day out at the art galleries of the town, or for a summer day in the office.

Coloured trousers, even if you usually favour plainer colours, are a great thing to wear with a white blazer, as they are offset by the colour of the jacket.

Black skinny jeans are a great look with a white blazer; the colour and fit of the jeans sets off the white blazer to perfection (dark blue or stonewashed jeans also look equally good with this look).

Trousers that finish on the ankle or the calf often look the best with a white blazer; the way the jacket sits meets the way the trousers end, and gives a really stunning, relaxed yet sexy look.

For a really sharp look, go for black leather pants with your white blazer – this a super cool, edgy outfit that will really turn heads.

D. Dresses

Roman Originals Women Tailored Rochette Bolero Suit Jacket - Ladies Shrug Work Formal Wedding Mother of The Bride Crepe Crop Stretch Cover Up 3/4 Sleeve Blazer - Ivory White - Size 16 Wearing your white leather jacket with a flowing maxi dress is a fantastically elegant look.

Because white goes with any colour you can pretty much wear it with any dress – just avoid white!

White is a great offset to bold colours, so make sure to go wild with your dress colour when you are wearing this jacket.

The simple black and white combo is a killer, as we all know, so teaming your white blazer with a black dress is a recipe for simple delight.

A white blazer also looks great with a shorter skirt; the length of the dress perfectly offsets the length of the jacket.

Skater dresses or skater skirts, in any colour, are a great look with a white blazer – the flow of the skater dress offsets the fit of the jacket perfectly.

Just add some killer heels and this look can grace the best offices or dance floors in the country!

E. Shoes

For dresses and skirts, a nice pair of heels is the answer. You can also wear flats and boots with your white blazer, depending what else your outfit comprises of – just pick the right shoes for the rest of your clothes.

Make sure the shoes match your bag, as the jacket is a neutral colour, and you can really elevate the look by making sure that your shoes, clutch and jewellery are all complementing each other.

F. Accessories

Gold jewellery looks fantastic with a white blazer, and just screams sophistication. Silver is equally good, but the colour can get a little lost.

Chunky earrings and bold sunglasses with your white blazer will add to the presence of the jacket, as will some statement make up – we’re thinking red lipstick and dark eyelashes.

You can add to your sophisticated look by adding a wide brimmed hat for that mysterious effect.

Final words

A white blazer is a statement piece for your wardrobe, and one that will serve you well through a great many different outfits and different seasons. It’s an investment, because you can wear it with so many other things!

It will always look classy, and it can bring an outfit up from looking simply good, to looking absolutely amazing.

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