What To Wear With A Black Maxi Skirt?

Maxi skirts are the ultimate in feminine wear. They are long, flowing, flattering – and they have the added bonus of suiting just about any other colour you choose to wear with them. A black maxi skirt can be made to look effortlessly sexy or carefully official, depending on what you pair it with and what event you wear it to. They can be cool and casual, or suited and booted – you get to decide the effect you want your black maxi skirt to have!

To learn how to really wear your skirt to its best effect, and to make you look and feel as good as you possibly can, then read on for what to wear with a black maxi skirt.

Types of black maxi skirt

Maxi skirts come in a huge variety of different fabrics, and a surprising variation in length, too. You would think a maxi skirt is all one length, but they come in different lengths -from the ankle skimmers to those that sit mid calf – this means that you can choose a length that suits your leg length, body type and comfort, and that you can find a maxi skirt that suits your body type easily.

  1. A long, flowing, relaxed maxi skirt is suitable for any body shape.
  2. A maxi skirt that sits just above the ankles is great for the taller lady.
  3. A mid calf length is great for those who want to show off the lower leg, while still enjoying the length of the skirt.
  4. A maxi skirt that is longer at the back than the front is a cute way to show off a bit more leg while still being demure and covering most of your pins.

Basically, the possibilities of your black maxi are endless! Just pick the rest of your outfit carefully, according to what event you are going to, and you can enjoy the comfort and attractiveness of this skirt.

What to wear with a black maxi skirt

A. Tops

OCHENTA Women's Bohemian Style Elastic Waist Band Cotton Long Maxi Skirt Black 85cm Because the skirt is long, loose and flowing, you can afford to wear more fitted, smaller tops. T shirts and crop tops are a great complement to your long skirt, and will show off your figure beautifully.

If you’re wearing any type of long top with your maxi skirt, make sure you tuck in the front, to avoid the lines all flowing together and making your outfit look bag-like. A long sleeved, off the shoulder top is a great addition to your maxi skirt – it gives a truly feminine look, with a touch of the gypsy chic.

Because black goes with every other colour, and also pairs well with black, you can pick just about any colour you want on top of your black skirt.

That being said, you should know that eye catching colours, such as red, shades of blue, yellow and pink, will look stunning with your black skirt.

Floral colours and animal prints will also set off your black skirt to its very best advantage.

B. Shoes

Amazon Brand - MERAKI Women's Lightweight Rib Maxi Skirt, Black, 12, Label:M Statement boots can really show off a black maxi skirt to its best advantage. The skirt can be low enough to just show the toes, or long enough to highlight the entire length of a boot – whichever length your skirt is, you should choose a striking pair of footwear to really set it off.

Because black goes with any colour, the sky is pretty much your limit with choosing the right coloured boot, so let your imagination run riot.

Mules and high heels are also the perfect complement to a black maxi skirt; they ooze femininity and can really raise your look up from good to great.

Jewelled sandals are also a great addition to a black maxi skirt; they bring a lovely sparkle of colour.

You can also, you may be pleased to hear, wear flat trainers with your maxi skirt – these will add a smooth and casual layer to your look.

C. Accessories

The belt is the best friend of the maxi skirt. A wide belt worn high on the waist can hide any wobbly bits and make a great statement, while a low belt skimming the hips will draw the eye.

A wide brimmed hat will also give a stunning summery look to your maxi skirt; add a pair of oversized sunglasses to this outfit and you will be rocking the casual chic.

Jewellery can afford to be long and flowing, to echo the flow of the skirt, and carry on the lines upwards.

Final words

A black maxi skirt is a great staple to have in your wardrobe, similarly to culottes. It can be worn simply, with a casual top and flat shoes, for a stroll along a beach front, or dressed up sharply with eye catching tops and noticeable jewellery.

However you decide to wear it and whatever style of skirt you go for, the black maxi is a very forgiving skirt that looks fabulous on just about any figure and with just about any other item of clothing. It is also super comfortable, so what’s not to love!

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