What To Wear With Blue Acid Wash Jeans?

Jeans are such a staple of most people’s wardrobes that we don’t even think about what to wear with them – just throw them on and add whatever top, shoes and accessories that you want.

Acid wash jeans are a real throwback to the 80s, and they are a trend that is resurfacing right now. You can get just about any style, and you can wear them with a huge variety of different items.

Jeans are also great for slobbing around the house in an oversized hoody, as we all know, but what to wear with blue acid wash jeans for a really eye catching look?

There are a great many options out there for you, so let’s have a look at what you can do to improve your outfit.

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Why wear blue acid wash jeans

New Look Women's Acid Lift and Shape Skinny Jeans, Blue (Teal 47), 12W / 30L Jeans are great.

We all know that, and we probably all have at least five pairs lying around in our wardrobes!

They’re incredibly comfortable to wear, they come in a huge range of cuts and styles…

From cropped jeans to flares; skinny leg to tiny shorts, and everything in between.

Blue acid wash jeans are a specific colour of the jeans, created by soaking the denim in bleach and turning it regularly.

It was very popular in the 80s, and it’s coming right back in now!

If you want to be on trend these days, you definitely need a pair of blue acid wash jeans.

But what to wear with blue acid wash jeans? We are getting to that now…

What to wear with blue acid wash jeans

A. Tops

Thankfully, blue acid wash jeans these days aren’t designed to be worn with loud, clashing 80s colours. Because the general shade of these jeans is quite light, they pair especially well with dark colours, as these set off the wash rather than washing it out (excuse the pun!)

A close fitting top will work well with a pair of these jeans, but they will look equally as at home with a big baggy top.

Floaty materials look very good with this style of jeans, especially as they are generally quite close fitting, so having a loose top gives a good contrast.

  • You can wear them all year round, and depending on the weather you may decide to go with strappy summer tops in floral print and bright shades, or chunky knits in cosy colours for the winter.
  • It is generally not recommended that you don’t “double denim” – so if you are wearing your jeans then it’s best not to wear a denim jacket over the top. You have been warned.
  • You can, of course, channel your inner 80s punk with a tie dye t-shirt to go with your retro jeans – add some back combed hair and a leather jacket for instant 80s chic!

B. Shoes

Blue acid wash jeans look great with towering stilettos, and these can be any colour you like. The jeans will act as the perfect foil for bright colours, and the colour of the jeans combined with the height of the heels will make your legs look super long and sexy!

You can pair these jeans with open or closed toed shoes, and they will look fantastic either way. Strappy sandals or big biker boots; either will be at home with this style of jeans.

If the jeans are particularly skinny, then you have the choice of either wearing high boots or little shoes, whereas if they are more flared then you may have to abandon the boots.

That being said, jeans are easy to dress up or down, and you can wear your blue acid wash jeans with trainers just as well as you can with heels.

Basically, you can style your jeans up for a fancy night on the town, or wear them for a casual stroll to the shops – denim is perhaps our most versatile fabric!

C. Accessories

Although you should tone down the tops a bit, you can go all out for the accessories when stepping out in these jeans.

Think of brightly coloured bags, shoes that are as wild as you like – and you can even add bright pops of colour in a scarf or hat. These jeans also look great with a big chunky belt slung round the waist, especially if you are wearing a tight top.

Because these are jeans, any jewellery you wear will be more tied into your tops – but a statement gold necklace will always enhance the entire jeans ensemble.

Gold is better offset by this colour than silver is, as the silver can get lost in the acid wash.

Final words

Blue acid wash jeans are a throwback to days gone by – but they’re coming back better than ever! More well made, better tailoring, more comfortable fit; these days what to wear with blue acid wash jeans will become a more common question.

You can jazz them up or slouch them down; wear them with long flowing tops or short blouses; top them with towering heels or slip into soft sneakers. Try the acid blue denim craze today, you won’t look back!

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