What To Wear With A Pink Skirt?

Pink is a great colour. It ranges in every wearable shade, from palest to most vivid and neon. It can give a truly feminine air to an outfit, or it can spice up a wardrobe with splashes of colour – you don’t have to regress to your childhood and all things pink and fluffy!

Now, there are just about as many types of skirt as there are shades of pink. You can get long or short, figure hugging or floaty – and they come in any material (have you tried a knitted skirt?) you could possibly wish for. But what to wear with a pink skirt? If you are staring at your wardrobe at a loss, then we are here to help.

Why wear a pink skirt?

Pink is a lovely colour, with a great many shades, so that you are certain to be able to find one that flatters you no matter what your colouring, or your style preferences. Pink is a lovely feminine colour in its paler shades, while the darker or more vivid shades add a touch of class, or even punk, to your outfit.

You have a great freedom with a pink skirt; you can wear it to the office, to a fancy dinner, to a night out or to a lunch date – this is a very versatile item that can be taken just about anywhere. Even if you are not the biggest fan of the colour, give it a try – you may just surprise yourself!

What to wear with a pink skirt

A. Tops

FUTURINO Women's Sweet Cat Paw Embroidery Pleated Mini Skirt with 2 Suspender (XS/S, Pink) The number one rule, really, is don’t wear pink with pink. At least not a pink of the same shade, as you will end up looking a bit like a marshmallow! You can go for different shades of pink; for example a baby pink skirt with a fuchsia top works well.

For a really summery, feminine look, go for a white blouse tucked into your pink skirt. This look is cool, flattering, and deliciously girly.

Pink also works really well with black, and this combo takes it to the evening side of things – a long sleeve black crop top will be a killer look for a great party.

Because it is such a feminine colour, you may wish to add some edge to your look by wearing a brightly coloured top. Green works well with pink, so if you’re the type that likes to get noticed then stepping out in a bright tee shirt with your pink skirt is a great idea.

If your pink skirt is short, then a short top, covered with a long camel coat, is a great look. If you are wearing a long floaty pink skirt, go for a fitted blouse to give a bit of contrast to the flowing lines.

B. Shoes

Pink looks great with nude, so you are laughing if you own a pair of shoes in this colour. Go for heels to add a touch of glamour, or break out your nude pumps if the occasion calls for it to be less dressy.

White or black shoes are also a great pairing with your pink skirt, as they are neutral enough that the skirt doesn’t get taken over by other bright colours.

The type of shoe you wear will depend on the style of your skirt, but remember that you can always wear the same skirt with different shoes for a totally different outfit.

For example, pairing your pink skirt with a pair of flat, strappy sandals is great for a day out at the beach, while this same skirt can be dressed up for the office by adding some heeled court shoes.

C. Accessories

Hoerev Women Girls Short High Waist Pleated Skater Tennis School Skirt,L, Pink Stripes - 10 If you like to show off your figure at the same time as breaking up an outfit, go for a belt with your pink skirt.

This can either be thin or thick, depending on the type of skirt you are wearing, or you can go for a loose, sliding over the hips sort of belt for a little casual style.

Silver jewellery always looks fantastic with pink, so break out your bangles and bracelets!

Gold also works really well with many shades of pink, so don’t panic if you err towards the gold end of the spectrum.

You may wish to make the outfit more feminine by adding flowery accessories, or add a bit more of an edge by going for chunkier, more punk style jewellery.

With bags, try to keep the colours neutral – we’re thinking black, white, grey or nude.

This allows the colour of the skirt to speak for itself and not be overshadowed.

Final words

A pink skirt is definitely something that you should have in your wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down; worn to the office or a day out with friends; they are ideal for the summer (but you can wear them over thick tights or leggings for the winter too), and you will always look and feel your feminine best in this lovely shade.

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