How To Wear Tights With Dresses And Boots?

Tights are a great part of any wardrobe; they can keep you warm, as well as dress up or down any outfit. There is almost nothing nicer than working out how to wear tights with dresses and boots!

This can be a dressed up outfit, depending on the thickness of your tights and the fanciness of your dress, or it can be a cosy snuggly warm affair perfect for a winter’s evening when you still want to look nice.

Let’s look a little deeper into how to put this combination together.

How To Wear Tights With Dresses And Boots?

Tights are a multifunctional item of clothing, there’s no doubt about this! They come in thick and thin, sheer and matt, and just about everything in between. Wearing tights with your favourite dresses gives you a chance to still wear them even in the colder months, because you’ll be warm enough! Boots set off this look perfectly.

Smiffys 43065 Gogo Boot Cover (One Size) Black tights and ankle boots are the perfect combination; they’ll give your favourite dress a sexy edge. You can also go for sheer tights and heels, to dress up your, er, dress, and give it a really good edge for a night out.

If your dress is a plain block colour, try some brightly coloured tights, to give your plain dress an extra bit of edginess. This is ideal for a night out – or for when you want to relive your teenage grunge years.

Matching your boots to your dress is always a good idea. We’re not saying make sure they are exactly the same colour, but try to avoid any clashing!

Dark brown or black boots will go with just about any colour of dress you care to throw at them, while the lighter coloured boots may need a little more planning.

A slouchy, over the knee sweater dress is a great pairing with a pair of knee high boots, as is a short, floaty summer dress. Both these looks give a casual yet sexy vibe, in completely different ways

You can dress down a long, formal dress by matching it with some chunky ankle boots – this look is a fantastic pairing of the feminine and masculine looks. Perfect for the office or for a lunch date with your friends!

A sheer, body hugging dress is perfect to wear with calf length boots – the contrast in lengths and styles matches perfectly well together. This also works really well for the office, provided that you pair it with a classy jacket to keep that professional edge.

Types Of Dress

There is no type of dress that won’t look amazing with tights and boots, trust us! From short mini dresses with a punk edge, paired with heavy biker boots, to flowing maxi dresses with little ankle boots, this look is truly versatile.

You can wear your office dress with tights and boots and still look professional. You can wear a casual dress with any type of boot, and either way it’s ideal for a day shopping with the girls, or for dressing up for a night out.

Summer dresses also work really well with tights and boots – you can still wear your favourite dresses even in the colder months, which is a definite bonus. You can still tell yourself that you’re lying on a beach chair sipping a cocktail, even in winter… We can’t guarantee the weather though!

Types Of Boots

Any and all boots can pair exceptionally well with dresses and tights. From knee high boots to chunky ankle boots, all will look fabulous when paired with the right dress and tights.

Overt the knee boots work with any dress there is, from the very short to the very long – and they have the added bonus of being super comfy too.

In general, taller boots look better with a shorter dress, and shorter boots work well with a longer dress – but you can break any and all of these rules and make this outfit your very own!


Bofeiya 1 Pair Striped Pantyhose Stripe Tights Women Fancy Dress Tights Unisex Full Footed Striped Socks Thigh High Stockings for Party Dress up (Black/rose) Obviously, the very first jacket that should be on your list is the denim jacket. This wardrobe friendly favourite goes with absolutely everything!

A denim jacket is timeless, classy, and can add a real relaxed yet sexy vibe to your outfit. Casual yet edgy, denim jacket is one of our favourites.

A good leather jacket is another great option; this type of jacket can add a lovely bit of style to your outfit, and it’s perfect for either a day at the office or a night on the town.

Leather jackets usually come in brown or black, and either of these colours is ideal for whatever type of dress you’re wearing.

If you fancy a really chic addition to your dress, tights and boots combo, go for an ankle length jacket.

This will draw together your whole outfit, keep you warm – and, as an added bonus, you can get away with a skimpier dress with this type pf jacket!


Your accessories, obviously, will depend of what type of dress you have gone for, and what type of look you are aiming to get. In general, shorter dresses will look best with longer accessories such as necklaces and earrings, while the longer dresses will suit smaller, more discreet accessories.

Try adding a floaty, floral scarf to your ensemble; this will really pull the look together and finish the whole outfit off.

Silver jewellery is always a good option for adding a bit of classy bling to your look. Try a few jangling silver bracelets, and a long necklace.

When choosing your bag, matching it to your dress or your boots is always a good idea. This makes the outfit look as though you’ve really thought about it rather than just throwing it on! Alternatively, go for a really snazzy bag that is sparkly and jazzy – after all, you deserve to shine!

Final Words

Now that you have a few more ideas under your belt, you can pick and choose the right dresses and the right tights, for the right occasion. Get your tights, dress and boots on – and go take over the world!

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