10 Ideas For Choosing Your Perfect Outdoor Concert Outfit

As a die-hard concert fan, securing a ticket is the easy part. Deciding what to wear, now that’s where it gets tricky. Remember you want to stand out in a crowd of fans, but still be functional and comfortable enough to dance to your heart’s content. Don’t worry, here are a few tips to help you prepare for any outdoor concert (including Ed Sheeran’s !), so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

What to Wear To An Outdoor Concert

1. Sun Protection

You’ll most likely be seeing a lot of sun when you first show up, especially if it’s early in the morning. Do yourself a favour and lather up on sunscreen or throw on some hat to avoid too much burning and darkening. Most people prefer wearing caps, but a cute floppy summer straw hat will work as well.

2. Wear Something Light

For bigger gatherings with thousands of people, understand that no matter how beautiful the weather might seem, you’re still going to feel the heat. Go for a light cotton shirt or t-shirt to help keep your body cool. Cotton works to absorb sweat and fight off excess heat. Also, shorts are ideal but jeans are better. Just make sure not to appear dressed in some trendy $500 jeans. You and your clothes will take quite a beating in the crowd.

3. Go With The Flow Sundresses

Trendy jeans and cool vintage T-shirts may look adorable, but they aren’t going to be comfortable under the warm summer or spring weather. Opt for something flowing to allow you enjoy the occasional breeze. Throw on a strapless dress and a loosely tied bottom for chic appeal, or go all concert with a nice spaghetti strap sundress.

4. Lightly Layer Up

If you plan on wearing a jacket or sweater, then go for flannels, moto jackets or denims. Basically, something that you can simply wrap around your waist in case you need to shed a layer. Stay away from any knitted clothing as it may get stuck in the jewellery of those standing beside you.

5. Ditch Your Crossbody And Go For A Mini-Bag

There is nothing more annoying than jumping up and down at a music concert while trying to clutch your favourite hobo bag close to your body with your hands. Cross-bodies and large bags are a hindrance to an otherwise good time. Instead, opt for mini-bags, like tiny purses with just enough room for your must-have essentials. If you’re feeling hyped, go shoulder- and hands-free with a cool fanny pack.

6. Wear Comfortable And Weather-Conscious Shoes

If it’s really hot or if there’s a sudden downpour, the last thing you want to do is start carrying your shoes in your hand. Flat comfy sandals will keep your feet from overheating while also keeping them dry in case of a downpour.

7. High Heels Are A Big No

High heels are a big nightmare for outdoor concerts. You’ll be walking long distances and dancing for long hours, so you want to remain as comfortable as possible and high heels might end up compromising your comfort and fun.

8. Go Easy On The Accessories

Big bulky accessories may seem a good idea to finish off your look, but you can accidentally hurt yourself or someone else in the crowd. If you don’t want your concert to be marred by memories of injuries and accidents, choose simple bracelets and necklaces made of fabric or rubber.

9. Minimal Makeup Saves The Day

Keep your make up to a minimum. You will definitely be sweating under the heat. Also, try avoiding manipulated hairstyles that will limit your fun and probably cause your scalp to overheat. Instead, go for less complicated hair-dos that will allow you to dance the day and night away.

10. Stick To The Vibe Of The Concert

Of course, you should take into account what type of outdoor concert you’re going to. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be dancing to Rihanna or rocking out to your coolest band, there’s an outfit for every event. It probably won’t be wise to dress in punk attire when you go to a Bluegrass concert or in Rock attire when it’s a Country music festival.

If you’re in doubt, wear something that matches the artist or the concert you’re attending. Diehard fans can buy a t-shirt of the artist at the venue, and rock it throughout the show.

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