How To Wear A Black Overcoat Casually?

A black overcoat is one of fashion’s must haves. They can be worn as a functional layer to keep you warm, or as an accessory to emphasise the rest of your outfit. However you decide to wear one, you might be interested in how to wear a black overcoat casually. Yes, you read that right – a black overcoat doesn’t necessarily have to be a super formal item of clothing – it can be relaxed and casual too.

What is a black overcoat?

A black overcoat is just that – a coat that goes over your other clothes. It can be a simple overcoat, or it can be an accessory to offset the rest of your outfit. A black overcoat is a great foil for the rest of your clothes; it can be flattering as well as a warm item of clothing, and it can give your outfit a real classy edge.

You can get them in a variety of different lengths, from the short bomber jacket style to the long trench coat, and each style can really accentuate your style and your look. They come in a variety of fabrics too, from cotton to leather to wool, and a whole lot of other man made fibres as well.

Styles of overcoat

NPRADLA Women Ladies Winter Lapel Slim Long Coat Jacket Parka Outwear Wool Overcoat Black You can find black overcoats in every length and every style you could possibly imagine. Short, long, fitted, flowing…

Every type of coat you can imagine can be a black overcoat!

Figure hugging or loose; short or long – there are as many variations of overcoat as there are any other type of clothing.

Shorter versions of overcoat go best with long skirts and dresses and wide trousers, while long ones work the best with short skirts, figure hugging dresses and tight trousers.

A contrasting style and length of the clothes underneath is the best thing to make the most of an overcoat.

So make sure you change up the style and fit of your overcoat with the effects of the rest of your outfit.

How to wear a black overcoat casually

Each type of black overcoat can look great with just about any body type, so don’t be put off if you have never worn one. You are certain to find one that suits you!

A. Dresses

Dresses really are the best friend of the black overcoat. Because black goes with just about everything, you can go with absolutely any colour of dress – even black! (If you go with a black dress then you should add some brightly coloured accessories to make you stand out a little more.)

White, floaty, knee length dresses look simply stunning with a black overcoat, whether it is a short coat or a long one, and it is the height of casual beauty. Alternatively, you can go with a figure hugging lace dress under your black overcoat.

As a general rule, longer coats look better with shorter dresses, and you should pair a longer dress with a similar length of jacket. That being said, rules are made to be broken, so if you have a favourite dress and a favourite overcoat, then throw them on together and make your own style!

If you are looking for the best way to wear a black overcoat and a dress casually, the knee length style which is not too revealing is the most casual style of dress, so you should pair this type with your black overcoat to look your casual finest.

B. Trousers

Jeans are the height of casual, whether they are bootcut, skinny or cropped. You can wear any type of jeans with a black overcoat, and you will look and feel great. Skinny or ripped jeans look great with a black overcoat, and the jeans add to the casual look while the black overcoat is dressed down somewhat, meaning this is a great outfit.

You can also wear your black overcoat with leggings to add to the casual look, or pair them with wide leg capri pants for an air of casualness.

Brightly coloured trousers also work really well with a black overcoat, as the colours offset each other really well. If you have never stepped out in your lime green trousers, then now is the time!

Chinos is another great option that is quite popular these days.

C. Shoes

If we are going for the casual look with a black overcoat, then a pair of white trainers is a great option. Any other type of flat shoe is also a fab bet; you can go with ankle boots, knee high boots or any other type of flat shoe.

If you want to wear heels and stay casual, this is possible too. Kitten heels are casual enough to go with your overcoat, as are low heels or heeled pumps. You can, of course, wear anything you want with your black overcoat! Whether or not you want it to be casual, you can wear whatever you want and still look wonderful and stylish.

D. Accessories

Black goes especially well with silver, so break out your sterling items to go with your black overcoat. Earrings, necklaces, bangles, the lot!

You can also match gold to black, so dig deep in your jewellery box to find your spangliest items to go with your black leather overcoat.

Because black is a neutral colour, it goes well with any other colour. Opt for bright accessories such as scarves and hats, belts, purses – anything that will have a great contrast with the black. You don’t have to worry about your colours clashing, as the black will offset any of the others.

Final words

A black overcoat is, seriously, one of the best items that you can have in you wardrobe. It goes with everything – you can make if fancy and formal, or relaxed and casual. Finding out how to wear a black overcoat casually may be a life changing event, so read through our tips above to find out how to do this.

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