What To Wear With Black Disco Pants?

Disco pants are a tightly fitting, high waisted pair of trousers, designed to allow the wearer to move around easily and comfortably. They are designed to fit as snugly as jeans, but are actually made from a combination of Nylon and Polyester – two materials that are stretchy and giving, and great for throwing shapes on the dance floor!

The high fitting waist was designed to be flattering to all body types, while the sheen of the fabrics the disco pants are made from was originally designed to reflect the shine of the disco lights, thus getting their wearers noticed.

Disco pants, along with a lot of other 70s and 80s wear, is right back in the height of fashion these days, so you may find yourself with a pair of these beauties – and less of an idea of what to wear with them. For what to wear with black disco pants, read on – we’ve discovered the best looks for you.

What to wear with black disco pants

A. Tops

Everbellus Women's Leggings, Black, Large If you’re wearing disco pants, chances are you’re going out out. These trousers really make a statement, so you have to pick the right top to really show them off.

That being said however, you can dress down your disco pants, and manage to not look like you’ve stepped out of an 80s workout video, pretty easily!

Crop tops, if you are confident with your figure, are a great pairing for disco pants – topped with a chunky jacket to soften the lines and give you a little extra warmth.

Of course, disco pants can be worn every day – you don’t have to save them for nights out.

If you treat them like any other pair of skinny jeans you will find them much easier to style! A simple, striped t shirt gives a nautical look which is classy and timeless.

Of you can go for a light, floaty blouse, tucked in at the front, for a smart casual look.

If your tastes wander towards the grunge side of fashion, go for a printed band t shirt or a baggy, off the shoulder top.

B. Shoes

New American Style Apparel Shiny High Waisted Stretchy Disco Pants Leggings (M(UK10-12), Black) Flat shoes work astonishingly well with disco pants.

The fabric and length of the trousers lengthen the leg, so you can get away with lower shoes.

Converse trainers are a great friend of the disco trouser movement, as they are cool and vintage looking enough to really complement these trousers.

Feminine flats and pumps also look great, and if you are wearing black disco pants then you can allow your shoes to be a little more colourful.

Bright colours can really elevate a black/grey item of clothing, so get your brightest shoes out to show off these pants, and you can add a more girly air to them by going for glittery shoes.

You can, of course, break out your favourite heels with your black disco pants; heels will make your legs look even longer and make you feel like your going out best.

Just about any colours go with black disco pants, so you don’t have to worry too much – just stay away from metallic colours, because disco pants have a natural shine that will not look its best with shiny shoes.

C. Accessories

Black looks great with bright colours, so you can unleash your brighter bags and clutches when you are wearing these pants.

You should stay away from black and muted colours, and let your inner rainbow shine through your accessories – just try to avoid the shinier items in your wardrobes and go for a matte effect, so as not to add too much shine to your outfit.

If you wear jewellery, try to make sure they are colourful rather than metallic, to avoid adding too much of a glow and detracting from the effect of the pants.

Final words

You may be worried about wearing disco pants, because of the the shades of the 80s, and because of a fear that they might not be flattering.

However, fashion has come a long way since the disco decade, and you can now step out confidently step out in these leggings, safe in the knowledge that you look great as well as feel your best.

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