What To Wear With A Houndstooth Skirt

The houndstooth print is a timeless classic. It has been around for a very long time, and is a symbol of femininity, elegance and simple class and style. It can be dressed up or down for official occasions, fancy work dos, or just a day out and about – it’s a very versatile print. You may have it in your mind that houndstooth is a slightly dated style, but believe me when I say it is back, and it’s back with a vengeance! Get yourself bang on trend by having a read about what to wear with a houndstooth skirt…

What To Wear With A Houndstooth Skirt

1. Tuck in your shirt!

Wearing a nice houndstooth skirt with a blouse tucked into it is a classy look that is suitable for both the office and a few after work drinks. It gives a smart, slightly preppy vibe, and works best with a plain shirt and strappy shoes.

2. Add a splash of colour

Pairing your houndstooth skirt with a brightly coloured jumper or cardigan is a great idea to make the gorgeous print stand out. Red or dark green would be the best colours to do this with, or any colour that is bold and bright. It is best to do this with a top that is all one colour; too many patterns are never ideal. Striking shoes suit this look perfectly.

3. …Or pastels

Houndstooth is a fantastic canvas for showcasing other lovely colours, as the black and white pattern is a great contrast. Pale colours lend a more gentle look to an outfit, so teaming your skirt with a soft pastel shade of top will give a more feminine look. You can get away with flatter shoes with this combo, another added bonus!

4. Silk or chiffon blouse

The houndstooth design is quite pared down and stark, so mixing it up with some soft, floaty material will make a really eyecatching outfit. Silk or chiffon are about as soft and floaty as you can get, so try finishing this look off with a wide belt and some nice high toe shoes and you’re really onto a winner.

5. Add some denim

Denim is the ultimate in casual wear. Everyone loves jeans, or a slouchy denim jacket! Houndstooth is generally considered to be quite a smart option, but you can relax the look and make it a bit more casual by slinging on a denim jacket over the skirt and whatever you are wearing underneath.

6. Bright colours

It may come as a surprise to you that houndstooth is no longer only available in the classic black and white style. You can now get skirts with the houndstooth design, in a variety of bold and daring colours. This is great if you are a fan of the look but you tend towards the more colourful end of the spectrum.

7. Button up shirt

For the classic houndstooth combo, go for a button up shirt to tuck into your skirt. The shirt can be high necked or slightly more open, and either option will give you that smart yet sexy look. Shoes, with this look, should be chunky heels, in a colour that complements your shirt.

8. Mix it with leather

Adding a classy leather jacket to your houndstooth look is genius. The ever-stylish houndstooth skirt with a nice, one-colour blouse topped with a (yellow) leather jacket gives an edgy feel to your finished look. This is ideal if you’re finished a day in the office and want to pop out for a drink or two afterwards.

9. High neck jumper

Combining your houndstooth skirt with a high necked polo jumper is a fantastic look. The fitted nature of the jumper pairs brilliantly with the skirt, and works especially well if it is a short jumper (we’re not talking baggy hoodies here!)

Final Words

A houndstooth skirt is a true wardrobe staple. It can be worn in just about any way imaginable, and works dressed up or down for days out, working events, or a night off to let your hair down (e.g at Ed Sheeran’s concert). As long as you don’t team your skirt with a top that has a loud pattern, pretty much anything goes! You can jazz up your look with jewellery and accessories such as a floaty scarf, a pair of statement earrings or a fabulous clutch, to make the look individual and yours. If you’re looking for what to wear with a houndstone skirt then look no further!

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