What To Wear With A Coral Dress To A Wedding

Weddings are great, aren’t they? The heartfelt love between two people, the music, the food, the dancing… And the clothes! I love a wedding; the chance to dress up in some finery that you wouldn’t normally wear and dance the night away with good friends and family. A coral dress is a particularly good choice for a wedding; it’s a classy colour that looks good with other pastels and pale colours – or something bright and jazzy, if you want to be really eye catching! So what to wear with a coral dress to a wedding?

If you’re searching your wardrobe blankly, then read on for some inspiration and tips.

Why wear a coral dress?

Coral is a very versatile colour, that actually has a few different hues – deeper, more vibrant shades and lighter shades that are closer to pastel.

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This means that just about anyone, with any skin and hair colouring, can find a coral dress that suits them. This is certainly not true of all colours! Coral has a lovely feminine feel to it, and as a choice for a wedding you can’t go far wrong.

What to wear with a coral dress

A. Shoes

The best shoes to pair with a coral dress are nude or metallic colours. Black simply doesn’t go, and white can look washed out – the nudes or metallic colours really add something to the dress.

As it’s a wedding, you’re going to want some heels too, so buy your shoes as kitten heels or tall heels, closed toes or open – just make sure they’re the right colour!

New Womens Low Heel Satin Diamante Buckle Ladies Bridal Evening Party Prom Bridesmaid Court Shoes 3-8 (UK 5 / EU 38 / US 7, White Satin) Leather shoes and sandals also work well with a coral dress; either strappy sandals or high closed pumps.

The colour of leather works really well with the coral of the dress, as it doesn’t eclipse it or clash with it, but rather brings it out and finishes off the outfit.

  • If you’re feeling brave, then shoes in coral’s favourite colour – turquoise – will work really well and add the wow factor to your outfit.
  • If you go for turquoise shoes however, remember to match your accessories! It’s no good having bright blue shoes and a clashing necklace or bag – this will ruin the look slightly.

B. Accessories

It may seem odd, but turquoise goes extremely well with all shades of coral. You can find some truly beautiful turquoise necklaces that sit above the neckline of your coral dress, to give a whole new dimension to the outfit.

Dangly turquoise earrings will also add a lovely feminine look.

Rose quartz also pairs well with coral, as it is a similar sort of colour but more muted – why not try some rose quartz stud earrings, or a delicate necklace?

As for your other jewellery, coral works equally well with silver and gold, so wear your favourite bangles, bracelets and rings, to give the outfit a feminine touch and really finish it off.

Matching your bag to your shoes is always a good idea, so if you have leather shoes then go for a leather bag, in the same colour. If you have opted for metallic coloured shoes then a metallic clutch is perfect. You can also carry a black or grey purse, if you are wearing a light coral dress with grey shoes.

Make up, to perfectly set off a coral dress, is equally important. Because coral is quite a vibrant colour, it is important to keep your make up low key – think nude, or light peach colours. Less is more, in the case of make up to go with a coral dress. You’re wearing it to a wedding, after all!

C. Shrugs and Cardigans

To keep off the evening chill, or if it is a winter wedding, then we recommend a shawl or pashmina that is a neutral colour, like grey or nude, so that it doesn’t take away from the colour of your dress.

As for coats, a camel jacket is a good choice to wear over a coral dress; the muted colours of the jacket are a perfect foil for the bright coral dress.

D. Hats

Women Mesh Net Flower Pillbox Hair Clip Fascinator Hat for Wedding Cocktail Derby(Ivory) You may or may not be a hat person – but we do tend to go all out for a fancy wedding, so why not invest in a wedding hat?

A fascinator is a great option if you don’t fancy a completely head-covering hat – go for the small, lacy ones in pale colours (or turquoise, of course!)

Final words

A coral dress is a great item of clothing to have in your wardrobe. It’s perfect for celebrations like weddings, and it will make you feel confident and look beautiful.

You can also get it out for many different occasions – by changing up the accessories from nude to turquoise, for example, can make it look like a whole different outfit!

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