How To Choose The Best Outfit For Zoo?

When choosing an outfit for the zoo, check the weather forecast for the day, time and location. This will tell you what items to include in your outfit.

It’s also important to dress for comfort. You’ll do a lot of walking and standing. Tight shoes or uncomfortable clothes will keep you from having fun.

Here are some tips for choosing the best outfit for the zoo.

Consider the Weather

Because you’ll be outdoors, the weather conditions are a major factor. You don’t want to be caught unprepared for a chilly or sweltering day.

Check the weather forecast for the zoo location and the day you plan to go. Weather forecasts are very detailed nowadays so you can even check what it’ll be like during certain hours when you’ll be there.

A word of caution: weather forecasts are not always accurate. Just because the weather report says it will be hot doesn’t mean you should not be prepared for unexpected cold conditions or even rain.

Even as you prepare for one condition, make sure your outfit is flexible enough to keep you comfortable if the weather changes.

For instance, a light jacket over a t-shirt is perfect for any type of weather. If it gets too hot, just take the jacket off.

Be Ready to Walk

Most zoos involve a lot of walking. So it’s important that you have comfortable shoes. A pair of sneakers or sports shoes is the best.

Make sure the shoes are breathable especially if it’ll be hot. Avoid open shoes.

The rest of your outfit should also be comfortable for walking. No bulky jacket or heavy jeans.

Protect Your Eyes

Most people go to the zoo when it’s sunny. Consider wearing a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight.

You won’t have to keep using your palm as a shield when looking at animals.

Dress Conservatively

The zoo is going to be filled with families and children. So take care what you wear. Avoid too-short dresses, anything that’s too tight or a see-through outfit.

Also remember you’ll be doing a lot of crouching and bending as you look at animals. A short dress that constantly rides up is going to feel uncomfortable.


The only accessory you need is a small backpack or fanny pack to carry essentials like wipes, cash and your phone.

Avoid long chains and earrings. Some zoos will actually prohibit such jewellery as they can be a danger when you are close to animals.

Best Outfit For Zoo

best outfit for zoo

Here’s an outfit that we think will work great for most ladies visiting the zoo.

It works great when the weather is sunny but will keep you comfortable if it gets a bit chilly.

1. Womens Hot Short Jeans

This pair of short ripped jeans is light enough for a hot day and is comfortable for walking. These are not booty shorts so you should be ok bending and crouching in them.

They are a slim fit but not too tight.

2. WearAll Ladies Long Sleeve Stretch Leotard

This bodysuit leotard consists of 95% viscose, a very breathable fabric that’ll keep you cool and sweat-free.

The long-sleeve design wicks away sweat from most of your upper body including arms, armpits and bust.

The leotard is stretchy so it should fit you snugly.

3. Women Faux Leather Belt

This faux belt does the double duty of keeping your shorts securely in place and matching the beautiful black leotard.

It has a beautiful buckle at the front that perfectly accessories the jewellery-free outfit.

4. Quistal Loose Women Camouflage Jacket

The camouflage styling goes well with the zoo environment. It also matches the rest of the outfit, providing a nice balance to the plain black top.

Beyond aesthetics, the canvas jacket is great for warmth but not too heavy that it overheats you. And if it gets too hot, you can just take it off.

5. Converse Unisex Hi Top Trainers

These trainers are practical, comfortable and stylish. They come in four different styles but we recommend the black ones for this particular outfit.

The outer material is canvas, which provides adequate protection when walking outdoors. The sole is durable gum rubber.

The inside is a breathable and moisture-wicking textile material.

6. Trouvaille Women’s UV400 Sunglasses

These are not just for style, – though they style you up pretty well – they also protect your eyes from UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

The oversized square shape matches most types of faces.

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