How To Choose The Best Outfit For Pear Shaped Body?

A pear shaped body carries most of its weight around the hips, bottom and thighs. The upper body, including the bust and waist tends to be smaller.

Finding the right outfit for a pear shaped body can be tricky. Many common styles may not work for you so you need to be choosy what you wear both above and below your waist.

Here’s the bottom line for choosing the best outfit for pear shaped body: look for an outfit that defines your upper body and draws attention away from your lower body.

Here’s what else to keep in mind when shopping for a flattering outfit for your pear-shaped body.

Accentuate the Upper Body with a Fitting Top

The secret to the best outfits for pear shapes is accentuating the upper body.  Look for something that shows off your narrow shoulders and small waist.

This can be a snug-fitting top or an A-line dress that is snug at the top and flares out below the waist.

If you want to show off your shoulders and arms, look for a strap or strapless top or an off-shoulder top that bares part of your upper body.

For something more conservative, look for a close-fitting top or dress with a higher neckline and long or short sleeves.

Take Attention Away from your Hips and Bottom

Whether you wear a skirt, dress or a pair of pants, look for something that flares away from your body. This takes away attention from your hips and bottom and creates a slimming look.

This is easy to do with dresses and skirts. You can wear a bubble skirt, an A-line dress, a tunic dress, a pleated skirt, a high-waist loose dress and many other styles.

When it comes to pants, look for loose fitting pants that flare away towards the bottom. You don’t have to get a 70’s style jeans.

There are many modern flare styles that look great, including some you can wear to the office.

Be Careful with Belts

Most stylists will tell you to stay away from belts if you have a pear shaped body. It will accentuate your hips, exactly the opposite of your goal.

Don’t listen to them if you love your belts. You can still pull off a great belted look as long as you do it right.

If you wear a belt, locate it higher on your body, ideally above your waist. This accentuates your small waist and stays clear of your hips.

Additionally, the belt should be slim and the same colour or style as the dress.

You can still pull off a wide belt but you’ll need raise it higher, just below your bust.

Embellish Your Neckline

One of the best ways to draw attention away from your mid-body and towards your upper body is by accentuating your neckline.

The simplest way to do this is using jewellery. A colourful or flashy necklace will do the job perfectly.

You can also experiment with different necklines. A plunging neckline shows off more of your upper body while a deep and long V neckline can provide a slimming look.

Lengthen Your Legs with Open Toe Shoes or High Boots

Yes, even the shoes you wear make a difference. You can’t just pick any pair of heels or sneakers.

Open-toed wedges are great for lengthening your legs and drawing attention towards your lower body.

Another excellent option is a pair of knee or thigh high boots. These go great with a dress or skirt. They create a slimmer and longer appearance, which balances your fill bottom and thighs.

If you prefer heels, avoid too-high ones as they can raise your bottom, making it more obvious. A low or mid high heel shoe is best.

Best Outfit for Pear Shaped Body

best outfit for pear shaped body

Here’s the outfit we’ve put together for pear shape ladies.

1. Belle Poque Retro Vintage Swing Dress

This A-line skirt works great for any pear shaped person. It features an elastic waist and an A-line style that tapers outwards.

If you choose the right size, it’s supposed to reach your knees or just above your knees.

The multi-layered style complete with a petticoat underskirt gives it a stylish princess vibe. It’s perfect for a semi-formal event, a wedding and most kinds of events.

It’s available in red, white and black.

2. INFLATION Ladies Long Sleeve Shirt

I wanted to put together a versatile outfit that works great for formal and semi-formal events. That’s why I selected this shirt-style blouse.

It is a slim fit, which emphasizes your upper body and creates a slimming look overall.

The formal collar accentuates your neckline without making it too flashy. This leaves room for you to accessorize with jewellery.

The shirt is made from a high quality cotton blend fibre that’s soft, breathable and long-lasting.

3. JYJM Women Imitation Pearl Pullover

This long sleeve pullover completes the main outfit. It’s loose but not buggy. So it still retains that slim upper body look.

With the shirt arms folded over the sweater and the shirt collar sticking above it, you’ve got a nice chick formal outfit that stands out from the crowd.

The sweater is decorated with imitation pearls.

4. Clearine Austrian Crystal Teardrop Necklace and Earing Set

This crystal necklace looks more expensive than it is. It’s the perfect accessory to embellish your neckline to ensure it doesn’t look too formal.

It includes a set of matching earrings.

The set is available in several colours but we recommend the red one to match the red dress.

5. DUCO Shades Classic Oversized Polarised Sunglasses

This is another accessory that looks more expensive than it really is. It matches the rest of the outfit well and draws more attention to your upper body.

The glasses are not just for style. They also block UV rays.

6. SWANKYSWANS Victoria 2 in 1 Leopard Smart Crossbody Belt Bag

With a pear shape, you don’t want a bulky handbag that hangs to your waist. It draws attention where you don’t want it.

This slim belt bag fits easily in your hand but you can also hang it from your shoulder.

The leopard print adds some casual busyness to the mostly non-patterned outfit. It has a faux leather exterior and a gold chain strap.

7. Ajvani Womens Ladies mid high Heel

Finally, the shoes.

This pair of mid high heels works great for most pear shaped ladies. It’s high enough to match your chic style but not too high that it pushes your hips and bottom up and outwards.

Our favourite colour for this particular outfit is nude. But there are over a dozen other colours you can get the pumps in.

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